Fitbit Charge 2 review

I bought my Mum a Fitbit Charge 2 for Christmas, and at first, she wasn’t sure whether she would use it, but now she’s counting her daily steps and enjoying it.

I choose the Fitbit Charge 2 because she wanted a watch that was similar to my Fitbit Blaze but slimmer and she also wanted a heart rate tracker and a clock with the time and date on so she could wear it to work.

Key Features

  • All-day activity tracking
  • Sleep tracking and silent alarm
  • Cardio Fitness Level score
  • Multi-sport with automatic tracking
  • Breathing exercises

Design and Setup

The watch strap is the right size for Mum as she doesn’t like big watches. It uses a black-and-white OLED, and you can adjust the brightness; I never experienced any problems reading the screen outdoors. The display turns on when you rotate your wrist to look at it, helping to conserve battery life.

The battery lasts for five days when charged from empty and takes just a couple of hours to charge via a USB charger.

You can change your watch bands as Fitbit offers a Classic, Luxe leather and Special Edition options. There are also lots of colours available, too, and the Special Edition versions have rose gold and gunmetal finishes for the tracker itself to add another layer of class and sophistication. These are more expensive than the standard editions, though.

The Fitbit charge 2 is available in three different strap sizes; small, large and XL. It works well with Fitbit’s Android and IOS app and setting it up is the same as setting up any other tracker.

You are asked to log into a Fitbit account, and you have to pair your tracker with your phones, which takes just a few minutes. All you need to do is create a profile, enter your gender, height and weight and then set up your goals.

Every week you will receive an email with the number of weekly steps, calories, sleep and floors climbed daily.

My Mum went for 10,000 steps a day because she wanted to see how many steps she did a day.

Once you have paired your tracker by using Bluetooth, you can sync your activity and receive notification to your mobile phone.

The Fitbit also includes a heart rate monitor which tells you how fit you are in comparison with other people in your age group.

One of the best features on the Fitbit is its ability to buzz when you receive a text message or a phone call as long as your mobile is turned on and you are within reach of Bluetooth.

It’s a great price!

You can now purchase one of these awesome fitness trackers on Amazon from £94.99.

How the Fitbit Charge 2 can be improved

Improvements that can be made to the Fitbit charge 2 include making a waterproof version so you can measure your steps and calories when in the swimming pool or the sea. It would also be good if you could text on the watch or answer the phone from your watch.

Instead of using plastic, a robust glass would look better.

Do you own a Fitbit? What are your thoughts on the Fitbit Charge 2? Let us know in the comments below and join us on our social networking channels.

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