Why Podcasts are good for your blog!

I haven’t listened to many podcasts, but I’m thinking about including some into my blog posts because they will help break up my content and it also saves me putting on my best gear for the camera.

Podcasts are digital media files that are set up like a mini television series, but the difference is you can subscribe to them via email and download them when they become available.

The most popular podcast series that everyone is raving about at this moment is S-Town, the gripping saga about life and death in Alabama is the latest podcast to have notched up impressive listening figures.

A recent BBC article has said that Rajar, the body that monitors radio listening, 9% of adults in the UK say they download podcasts per week – around 4.7 million people. However, this is still a long way behind radio who receive 48.7 million adult listeners a week.

On those lazy days when you don’t want to parade around in front of a camera, or you can’t be bothered to type out 100s or thousands of words podcasts, these are great ways of getting your message across or promoting music that you don’t yet have a video idea for.

Here are why podcasts are good for your blog:

Podcasts are on demand and portable

The great thing about podcasts is that you can watch them or listen to them wherever you are, whenever you like. You could be in the office listening to a podcast or in the cafe listening to a podcast on your mobile, iPad or iPod or laptop. Just like YouTube podcasts can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have wifi.

Podcasts are more personal than other communication methods

Podcasts are more personal than just getting information from an email or a document because the content is communicated directly to the audience. Just like you would when you watch a YouTube video you get a feel for the tone of the person’s voice and their personality by listening to them. It’s similar to listening to your favourite radio DJ, only better because you get to choose when and where you listen to this.

They are quick and easy to consume

If you subscribe to a podcast feed, they will automatically download onto your computer so as soon as a new podcast is available, you can listen to them in the bath, in bed or even doing the ironing.

Podcasts are easier than making videos

At the moment there is a lot of hype about how video is growing and that video is the future of content marketing. While this may be true, there is still a market for podcasting because making videos isn’t for everyone.

Many people aren’t confident or comfortable talking in front of a camera, especially in crowded places.Making videos can also become expensive because of all the equipment you need to purchase which includes a camera, tripods, SD Cards, microphones, lighting and Lens. Not to mention editing software which can cost you money. You can video on your iPad or iPhone or whatever mobile phone you own but don’t forget, editing takes up more time.

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