Will the LG ThinQ outsell the Google Home and Amazon Echo?






I’m looking to buy myself a home device, so I was excited to hear that LG is launching their new device the LG ThinQ Smart Speaker which I’m hoping will rival Google home and Amazon Echo.

Google announced on their website that they sold “tens of millions of Google devices for the home” over the course of the last year and that it sold “more than one Google Home device every second since Google Home Mini started shipping in October.

With lots of people buying Amazon and Google smart speakers I wonder the LG ThinQ will outsell the top performing speakers.

An article published on Gearbrain said that “One-in-six adults in the U.S. — or approximately 39 million people — now own a smart speaker, the research claims. Smart speaker ownership has jumped to 16 percent in just three years — an increase of 128 percent since January 2017.”

Of those who own a smart speaker, almost three-quarters said they have a device from the Amazon Echo range, with the rest opting for a Google Home or Home Mini.

LG said it would be: “showcasing superior, clearer and smarter line-up of premium audio products that promises to change the way people think about home speakers.”

The range includes the PK series portable speaker complete with lights and the SK10Y sound bar.

The ThinQ Smart Speaker should be available to buy within a few months of CES although there is no launch date set and there’s no pricing just yet; it’s likely that the ThinQ speaker will be around a similar cost to rivals Sony which cost £200.

LG is staying tight-lipped about the features of the ThinQ Smart Speaker. However, some information about the new device has been revealed.

The Speaker looks similar to its rivals – a tall cylinder with touch controls on the top with LG ThinQ promising “high-quality sound”.

LG has teamed up with rivals Google on the ThinQ, which means that it has the Google Assistant built-in for all the usual voice commands. You can play music by requesting it, change the volume, or ask Google questions.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section or follow us on our social media channels. Do you own a Google Home or Amazon Echo speaker? Do you think the LGThinQ is good enough to rival the other smart speakers?

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