Digital Classic’s 2018 Goals!

Happy 2018! I thought I’d start this year with a bang and talk about Digital Classic’s 2018 goals as I would like to improve this blog as it’s not had the success that my other blog has had during 2017.

Here are some of Digital Classic’s top 2018 goals:

Launch a YouTube channel “Digital Classic reviews”

This channel will focus on music and tech things that I purchase for review. I will also be accepting items from people who wish for me to review their products.

Digital Classic’s new design and template

I think it might be time to update and introduce a new design and template. This idea has been in the pipeline for a while as I don’t think my current space design is having the effect I wanted.

Increasing social media and blog traffic

Many brands like social media influencers to have a following of 10,000 followers plus and I thought I was doing well with over 1,000 twitter followers? Not quite enough. I plan to earn some followers on my YouTube channel and also on Pinterest and Instagram. I need to post more regularly on these platforms to achieve this.

Digital Classic’s live band reviews

I want to kick-off 2018 with some band reviews. Its one of the reasons why I launched, Digital Classic. Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to see many bands last year apart from, That Band and their support bands. That Band sadly split up in September 2017 after launching their only album. I’m watching Ed Sheeran and Martine Mc Cutcheon and I also have plans to get Exeter’s metal band Trilobite on the map. Trilobite features ex That Band members Doug, Phil and Will. I will be posting reviews on these events.

Improve Digital Classic’s DA score

My DA score has been lingering at 17 for a while and I’m hoping that this will improve so that brands notice me and I will be given the opportunity to test out tech and music products. I need a higher DA score because many people won’t work with bloggers unless they have a DA score of 25+.

Post at least twice a week

In 2017 I made the decision to post twice a week, instead of once a week on Digital Classic. However, the days I choose (Mondays and Thursdays) didn’t work for me. I’m still hoping to post at the very least twice a week and maybe more, but I’ve found that trying to run two blogs plus YouTube channels and social media channels is like having two full-time jobs. If you would like to guest post on Digital Classic please email Let me know which days and times you would like me to post?


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