Music maker Korg is bringing out a music making Nintendo app on the handheld Nintendo switch



Music fans and gamers are in for a treat as the music maker Korg is bringing out a music making Nintendo app on the handheld Nintendo switch.

Specific details about this new app” Korg Gadget” are yet to be released. However, The Verge has revealed in their article that the game looks to be produced in partnership with a software company called Detune.

Korg has announced that it will be bringing a music making game to Nintendo’s widely successful Switch handheld in Spring 2018.

Details are still a bit thin on the ground but it would appear the game has been made alongside Detune, a software company.

This is the second time that Korg has developed software for Nintendo as they have previously released a virtual Korg M1 synthesizer on the Nintendo 3DS. The company has also made applications for iOS including an all-in-one music production app also under the name Korg Gadget that includes drum machines and synthesizers.

If you love making music and playing video games, you’re going to want to put a Nintendo Switch on your Christmas list if you don’t already own one: Korg is bringing its Gadget studio to the console early next year.

The Gadget started out on the iPad, but has since migrated to both the iPhone and the Mac.

The Switch version promises to be something a bit different: the console’s unique design allows it to be played in front of the television and used as a handheld, which will give users the flexibility to make music in the living room or on the move. There’s no more information on how it works, but the video below shows it in action.

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