Free Christmas marketing for your business

Christmas marketing picture

If you haven’t yet promoted your business, it’s not too late to start some free Christmas marketing as we still have over one week to go and you can also give your company a New Years push.

There’s no need to worry about time or budget because these ideas give you free Christmas marketing that could add a little spice to your product or service this Christmas.

Create social media banners

Canva and Picmonkey are entirely free to use so why not create some simple banners and post them on your social media pages, you can even re-use them next year.

Social media content

Instead of pushing your business with promotional offers, work on the fun and festive things that are happening in your company. It could be something simple such as adding photos and videos of staff dressed up or wearing their Christmas jumpers. You can also post animated GIFS which are easy to create.

If you’re on Pinterest, you can create Christmas inspiration boards that include your products.


Why not do some giveaways from now until Christmas. I noticed Fat Face is currently doing giveaways on their Facebook page every day until Christmas.


Just because you’ve missed the opportunity to start blogmas, (blogging every day until Christmas day) doesn’t mean that you miss out on free Christmas marketing completely. If you are quick, you could do the seven days leading up to Christmas.  You could post content such as Christmas recipe’s, Christmas hairstyles, Christmas clothing, Christmas holiday days out or Festive toys. The list is endless no matter what services or products you offer.


Take advantage of another free Christmas marketing opportunity by taking an hour or two and send some e-cards for free. Many businesses are still paying to send out cards to customers and business associates, but there are plenty of websites that can save your business money.

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