The Ultimate Christmas gifts for YouTubers


With more and more people making vlogs on a daily and weekly basis here are some ideas for the Ultimate Christmas gifts for Youtubers.

YouTube clapper board

I’ve always liked the idea of filming with a Youtube clapperboard and the  information  on the board helps identify the shot during editing. Once the tape recorder and camera are rolling, the clapperboard operator places the clapperboard in front of the camera so the camera can see it, reads the scene and take information so the tape recorder can hear it, and then claps the clapper.

During editing, it is easy to synchronize the visual of the clapper clapping with the “clap” sound it makes on the tape.

Clapper boards are awesome gifts for Youtubers both new and old. You can purchase a Clapper board from Amazon from £1.98.

Photo studio lighting kit


If you know a Youtuber who has their own channel or will be starting a new channel in 2018, they will need great lighting otherwise their audience won’t be able to see them. If the audience can’t see what’s happening they will end up skipping the video and watching a better quality video. The most important things to consider when vlogging is sound and light.

You can purchase reasonably priced light boxes which make excellent gifts for youtuber from Amazon from £44.99.

Joby Gorillapod

The Joby Gorillapod is a popular tripod that is used by many popular vloggers such as Casey Neistat and Alfie Deyes. This tripod is popular due to its versatility because you can bend and twist for any shot you want.

Personalised camera bag

Most vloggers carry their cameras around with them all of the time, which is why its important to have a camera case that protects your camera and is easy to identify. Personal camera bags are great because you want your camera case to stand out in case you misplace it. You can purchase leather personal cameras from £15. 

Youtube T-shirts

I love the Youtube T-shirts and you can never have too many t-shirts. T-shirts make great gifts for youtubers because in the winter you can wear them under your clothing and in the summer you can wear them without feeling too hot or cold. You can purchase Youtube t-shirts from Redbubble.

Micromuff wind muffler

Micromuff wind muffler

These might look a little bit silly, but you wouldn’t be happy if you filmed some really good footage and no one could hear anything you say because of the winds. Down in the Westcountry we get lots of wind and rain so it’s important for me to have one of these on my cameras.

Let us know your thoughts on this list of Christmas gifts for Youtubers. If we have missed something on this list comment below or join in the discussions on our social media channels.

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