The new Fitbit Flyer wireless gym headphones

Fitbit Flyer

As a gym lover, I’m pleased to receive an email from Fitbit advertising their new Fitbit Flyer wireless gym headphones.

I’m currently using my 10-year old iPod nano in the gym, the screen doesn’t even work, but at least I can hear the music. I’m finding that the wire gets in the way when I’m listening to music while running on the treadmill.

I purchased some wireless headphones on Black Friday from Argos a few years ago. However, they are too bulky for the gym, and I’m after some sweatproof lighter wireless headphones.

Being a fan of Fitbit and a flex and blaze watch owner, I was pleased to see that the company has launched their Fitbit’s first ever wireless headphones which are sweat proof and splash proof designed for workouts in the gym.

The Fitbit Flyer’s cost £109.99, includes a dual microphone, six hours music and call time and work with my Fitbit Blaze. They come in a choice of two colours, lunar grey and nightfall blue.

I go to the gym almost every day which makes the price tag appear reasonable. The most I have ever spent on headphones is £30, and they sound pretty good for the price I paid. The other headphones I use regularly are the wired apple headphones that have come free with my iPad, iPhone and iPods.

The Flyer’s come with inbuilt waves sound technologies

From hit records and major motion pictures to favourite video games and mesmerising concerts, the cutting-edge sound technologies from Waves have been used in every aspect of audio production. For the first time, they’re also used in headphones.

The most obvious comparison for the Fitbit Flyer’s is the AirPods. However, they aren’t designed for exercise, and they aren’t waterproof. I’m surprised at Apple for not bringing out wireless headphones designed for sports and on the go activities. You can purchase the AirPods from Amazon for £148.

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