The Varidesk Pro Plus 36 review

When I was asked to review the Varidesk Pro Plus 36″, I was surprised to see the delivery man standing outside my house with a huge box that he carried in on a trolley.

I didn’t expect it to be so big.

It arrived well packaged inside two boxes that I struggled to lift by myself, so I had to ask my father to help me as it weighs a considerable 23kg.

The Varidesk Pro Plus is heavy duty and well made and sits on the top of your desk. I love the fact that there’s no need to bolt or attach the desk to anything which is great for those of you who are like me and totally clueless when it comes to DIY.

However, my desk is so small that I was considering investing in a bigger desk but the only problem is my office is too small, so I was delighted to receive the Varidesk Pro Plus because it meant I could convert my existing desk into a standing-friendly workstation. I was also worried that it would be too big to fit on my desk, but it fits well.

The Pro Plus 36 can take a load up to 15kg, so you shouldn’t have any problems with most monitors.

It also features a simple mechanism for lifting that is quick and easy to use, and you can select the height between standard seated height to standing height, so you can sit or stand or you can switch it up by doing both. The height is adjustable in 11 different positions designed for ergonomic comfort.

You can purchase the UK bestseller Varidesk Pro plus 36 up desk only comes in black or white and costs £365. It’s a little bit expensive but cheaper than buying a new desk.

The verdict ****

I’m giving this sit-stand desk 4 stars out of 5 because I love the Varidesk Pro Plus. However, there is always room for improvements. The only disadvantage with this is the fact that the bottom compartment where the keyboard lives aren’t adjustable.

My desk also looks much more organised because of the two separate compartments this desk has. I keep my laptops on the top and my keyboard, mouse, mouse mat, diary and notepad on the bottom with plenty of workspace for other things.

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