Wakelet launches a new ‘quick wake’ tool

Wakelet 'quick wake' screenshot

‘Quick wake’ is a new interactive tool by content and curation company that allows people to turn groups of links into the interactive collection.

To use the new interactive ‘quick wake tool’,  just visit Wakelet and click on login, then add all your links and once you’ve finished, all you have to do is click “Create My Unique Link”, add a title, click copy and quick wake will do the rest. In just a few seconds, you’ll be able to share one link that contains all your links as they should be seen with playable videos, interactive social media posts and article previews.

People that you share your link with can now easily navigate and enjoy your beautiful interactive collection of curated links.

Students, businesses, journalists, musicians, athletes, are just some of the people who have already started using the ‘quick wake’ platform more to organise and share information creatively. The groundbreaking tool will open up even more amazing possibilities for the everyday user and will help them realise the power of curation for limitless activities.

profile of a quick wake user

Quick wake is a great way for people to share holiday plans with a single link. Students who are starting college or university can share their study resources. Users can also share their favourite funny videos too.



Misbah Gedal – Head of Marketing said:“Wakelet is used by people and businesses every day to organise and share content that is important to them. The tool makes it even easier to do so – whether it’s shopping lists, travel plans, portfolios, or businesses using it to share their press articles, we believe there is a use for everyone.”

“The quick wake tool is the way people will share and consume content online. We’re really excited to help people realise the power of content curation and have a lot more features in the works.”

He added: “We’re confident the quick wake tool will change the landscape of Internet curation allowing anyone to create amazing-looking collections in just a matter of seconds.”


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