Why I don’t want a fancy new iPhone X

Apple iPhones and the iPhone X


As a tech blogger with a passion for technology you think I would have ordered my new iPhone 8, 8 plus or the iPhone X, however, I don’t want or need a fancy new mobile phone.

I love my iPhone 5s, and I only purchased this just over a year ago, despite the popular Apple mobile coming out four years ago. This phone is ideal for my business and personal needs, and I’m currently fairly happy with it, and the price at £269 was much more sensible than the latest phone which is retailing at a ridiculous $999.

There are a few updates I would love to have such as a better battery and wireless charging. However, I’m not sure about how accurate the new facial recognition is. The updates on the new iPhone X aren’t enough to warrant me to spend so much on an upgrade, or even the iPhone 6 which is still retailing in the UK at £339.

The cameras on the phones are better on the latest phones. However, I currently have two excellent cameras that I use for my blog posts and Vlog channels. I use my iPhone and iPad cameras as a last resort for photography and videos.

Facial recognition is an excellent idea, but because the iPhone X is the first facial recognition phone ever there is still a lot of work to iron out any issues this innovative technology may require, and it’s too new to tell how secure this is.

I’m not sure that taking away the home button and the six digital password is a good idea, but I guess time will tell. The iPhone X is locked until you look at it and it recognises you. This innovation is also said to save you time, and it won’t be affected by moisture or oil.

Is the iPhone X really more secure?

I’m not so sure that the iPhone X is more secure as other phones as an article in Inc said that “Apple were launching their latest products and the event was going flawlessly until it came to show the single most powerful new feature of the iPhone X was introduced, Face Recognition to unlock the iPhone.

“Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, was preparing to show how fast and smooth face recognition was by using the primary demo phone. As he held the phone up, it immediately went brought up the familiar manual code entry screen. That’s when things could have gone very, very wrong.”

I’m going to wait to upgrade my iPhone at least until this phone comes down in price to around the £250 mark. It appears that this first generation facial recognition phone still has a lot to live up to before I rush to order an upgrade.

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