Digital Classsic’s 1st Birthday!

Wow! I Can’t believe that we are finally celebrating Digital Classic’s 1st birthday.This time last year I finally plucked up the courage to write and press the send button.

I originally intended to start this blog back in December 2013, when I purchased the domain name and decided that I wanted to start a blog.

Unfortunately, due to work commitments and personal issues, this was delayed until June 2016.

12 months ago I turned on my computer and attempted to reignite my lifetime passion for digital, tech and music

I have always been into music from an early age, and later in life, I developed an obsession with digital marketing and tech gadgets. So it was a no-brainer to base my blog on my lifetime passions.

I have learnt so much over the past 12 months about choosing WordPress themes, tracking my audience and my knowledge in HTML and CSS has increased.

The things that I have found difficult

Blogging on a regular basis isn’t easy, and I have found that even now I still find some things difficult. I’m not lucky enough to have a massive audience and an influx of subscribers overnight.

Some of the things I have found difficult include getting blog subscribers, increasing blog views, blogging twice a week and gaining blog comments.

I haven’t managed to gain many subscribers to the blog which has been disappointing.

Increasing blog views has also been a problem, and I’m unsure why because many people have read the blog and have said that I have great content.

Blogging twice a week has been difficult because of my workload for my clients, I need to stick to a proper content schedule to improve this. Last month my client workload increased and, I need to be more organised with content titles.

As the founder of Digital Classic, I have a habit of starting articles and not finishing them and starting other articles because my concentration has gone.

Some of the comments that I receive on the blog are spam, which isn’t helpful when you are after genuine comments on how you can improve so I have to sort through them, and it can sometimes take a while.

Monetising the blog has been an issue, probably down to the fact that I don’t have as many viewers as I would like to have

Hopes for Digital Classic’s future

Increase blog viewers and genuine blog comments

We would love more viewers to read the blog. The more genuine blog post comments we receive, the better the content will be.

Monetise the blog

We have attempted to monetise the blog. I have added Amazon and Apple affiliate accounts, but we haven’t made a single penny from this year. I think it’s because the blog doesn’t yet have enough views? Let us know your thoughts?

Gain more subscribers

Every website is fighting for more visitors and subscribers. The blogs subscriber button is easy to find, so we are not sure why people aren’t subscribing, and if it isn’t, please make this clear by adding comments. Let us know what makes you press the subscribe button on websites. Is it free templates, white papers or something else?

Increase DA

Digital Classic’s DA isn’t as high as we had hoped for after 1-year. We will continue to post different tech and music content which we hope will appeal to all. We are also looking to purchase a new template to freshen things up a bit. If you have any ideas, let us know?

Continue to work with bloggers, brands and PRs

We have loved working with bloggers, brands and PR companies. We have also written several reviews on products that we have received, or we have purchased. Digital Classic only reviews products that we would buy ourselves and that we think are relevant to our readers.

Video reviews

We are planning to film reviews and add them to the blog and a YouTube channel.Live streaming is on the rise, which has contributed to the growth of mobile video as a whole. Consumers are more frequently watching content online.

Digital Classic would like to thank everyone who has subscribed to Digital Classic, everyone who reads the posts and comments on them and Bloggers, PR’s and brands that I have worked with over the past 12 months and here’s to another!

If you are a blogger, PR or brand who hasn’t worked with us yet and would like to please email

Check out our social media channels if you haven’t already and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog.



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