The rise of road cameras for drivers, motorcyclists and bike riders

Recently there has been an increase in the number of drivers, motorcyclists and bike riders using and wearing cameras to protect themselves in the event of an accident.

An article in the Daily Mail said that “It is estimated there are already about 840,000 dash cams – including helmet-mounted cameras for motorcyclists – on the roads in the UK. In 2015, the last year on record, sales increased by a massive 395 per cent, making dash cams the fastest growing category in consumer electronics. Globally, it is estimated that the market for them will triple to some £4.5 billion a year by 2022.”

With the number of cars on the roads increasing each year; accidents are also on the rise. Road cameras have helped to catch abusive road users and road users who drive and ride dangerously. Many people are even posting their accidents on social media.

Why in road cameras are a fantastic idea!

My mum was in an accident years ago before in car cameras existed. The lady drove into mum, got out of her car and apologised. I remember her saying “Sorry it’s all my fault” before giving her name and address to my mum. My sister and aunt were also in the car and witnessed this.

When mum told her insurance company she later received a letter that the lady said it was my mum’s fault and not hers and the insurance company wanted to go 50/50 on damages. Mum fought this for years until it went to court. In court, years after the accident had happened mum finally won the case. But the lady lied and was even going as far as lying under oath to protect her no claims. If mum had taken the 50/50, she would have lost out as well as her insurance being more expensive, which is why people are now buying in-car cameras and helmet cameras.

Why are people using and wearing road cameras?

With many car owners involved in “cash for crash scams” where so-called courteous drivers let oncoming cars through and then attempt to claim of insurers more and people then denying they drove into you, this is where gadgets such car cameras come in. If mum had a camera in her car years ago, the ladies voice would have been on camera, and you would have heard her admit that it was her fault.

Many cyclists are also getting clipped and receiving abuse from drivers; there are many clips being uploaded to social media about this. Police are now trying to crack down on this by cycling along in plain clothing wearing helmet cameras.

Where can I buy them and how much can I buy one for?

You can purchase camera and helmet cameras from Amazon, Argos, Halfords and Maplin. The cheapest cycling cameras range from £7.99, with affordable motorcycle and road cameras ranging from £15 to just under £10.

Do you have a camera in your car or helmet cameras, whether you do or don’t, please let us know your thoughts on these in the comments below and join in the discussions on our social media channels?

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