Are the BBC right to ban music containing politics and bad language?


Do you agree that the BBC can ban songs that contain politics and bad language?

The BBC has banned the new “Liar Liar song aimed at Theresa May and the Tory Party, despite entering the singles chart at number 2 and the iTunes chart at number one.

Even well-known artists from the 1960s have previously had their songs banned by the BBC; include Cliff Richard, Frank Sinatra, Noël Coward, The Beatles, Ken Dodd, Elvis Presley, Bing Crosby, the BBC Dance Orchestra, Glenn Miller, and George Formby.

In addition to this, 67 songs were banned from BBC airplay as the first Gulf War began, including ABBA’s “Waterloo”, Queen’s “Killer Queen” and The Boomtown Rats’ “I Don’t Like Mondays”.

In the 60s, the media tried to ban Beatles songs because of their references to drugs, and in the 1970s the BBC refused to play the Sex Pistols “God Save The Queen” because of references to the queen.

More recent cases included the controversial US rapper Eminem, whose music was banned by Sheffield University students back in 2001 and was condemned as homophobic. His critics claimed that his lyrics promoted violence against women.

Eminem’s controversial outlook on society gives an open and honest picture of real life. The UK government and government-based institutions try to shield us with, however protecting us from the truth, doesn’t stop bad things from happening.

Many people became Eminem fans because he tells the truth about what it’s like to grow up in a rough neighbourhood. Also, some of his lyrics aren’t meant to be serious; the artist doesn’t really go around with guns, threatening to kill people.

There’s no point in bleeping out the swear words either because this makes a lot of teenagers want to buy the record because this makes it more exciting.

More recently the song “Liar Liar” has sparked more controversy all because the BBC has banned the song on all of their radio stations. The reason for this is that they don’t want to upset the Tory Government. One of the biggest problems is that the BBC are bias and instead of telling the truth and giving two sides of the story they prioritise one story over another.

An article in the Independent highlights this fact well “BBC executives lack the courage to cross the government. Our national broadcaster suffers from weak executives who don’t have the courage to take on the government. They have good journalists but the corporate culture fails them, and as a result of this, the BBC fails most of their audience.”

I don’t think the BBC has the right to ban songs that contain bad language and politics; however, by doing this more people are likely to rebel and want to listen to this type of music, just to see what all the fuss is about.

Parents should encourage and teach their children about the issues raised within the music and make their kids aware of these songs from an early age and educate them instead of shielding them from the real world; they should grow up well mannered and sensible. Just because your kids are listening to controversial songs, doesn’t mean that they will end up as thugs, drug addicts or mass murderers.

Have you listened to the song “Liar Liar”? Please let us know your thoughts about the BBC banning songs that contain bad language and politics?  Comment below or join in the discussions on our social media pages.



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