Why the Nokia 3310 is still popular?

Nokia rolled back the years by re-releasing an updated version of their popular 90s Nokia 3310  phones last Wednesday, and despite its critics, it still has an important role to play in the 2017 mobile phone market.

Here are some pros and cons on why the Nokia 3310 still has a place in the market:


One of the best things about the Nokia 3310 is that it’s a great phone if you want a break from the internet or social media as it can make calls and you can still text. Instead of buying your children the latest smartphone and letting them take a £100 plus phone to school or when they are out with their friends, why not buy a Nokia 3310 for £50?

This phone is also a great choice for adults as a spare phone. It’s not just children that are losing their phones; many adults also lose their phones and drop them.

You can even buy a Nokia 3310 and keep it in the car, so if you break down or you are out, and your mobile phone battery dies, and you can’t find a charger in the car you can still call and text.

This phone has a better battery than most modern smartphones, lasting more than a week, which is more than smartphones and is more durable. My iPhone 5s battery only lasts a day, when it’s in constant use.

Unlike iPhones and other new smartphones, you can even buy a battery replacement or a spare battery for your new Nokia which you can buy from Amazon.

The Nokia 3310 will last on just one single charge if you are going to a concert or festival this summer.


  • There is a camera for selfie-taking; however, the camera is on the back of the phone which means that you can’t see your photo until it appears on the screen.
  • The internet is much slower than smartphones
  • The Nokia 3310 is in colour, but the resolution is only 240 x 320.
  • The price for £50 you can get much better smartphones
  • It isn’t a touch screen phone
  • There’s no Wifi


The Nokia 3310 could have included more updates. However, this would push the price up higher and more than some people would be prepared to pay.

Although the phone has the internet, its every slow in comparison to my smartphone, so you can’t even use it to check your emails. This might not necessarily be a bad thing if you want the phone for texting and calling only on those rest days with friends and family as it’s healthy to take a break from work now and then.

The Carphone Warehouse was the only place in the UK that you could purchase the phone for, however, they have already sold out so you will now have to wait until July when it becomes available to buy from Amazon.

Have you pre-ordered your Nokia 3310? If not the iconic phone will be available to buy from July 31st but you can pre-order your phone now from Amazon. What are your thoughts about the updated phone? Do you think it still has a place in the mobile phone market or has it lost its place in the mobile phone market? Comment below or join in the discussions on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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