4 Excellent 2017 Google updates this Spring

A lot has been happening with the world’s largest search engine, so we thought it would be a good idea to publish a post on some important Google updates this Spring.

Google for jobs

For those of you who are unemployed or looking for a new role, Google has announced their plan to launch a new job search but only in the US to start with. The Search engine giants are planning to call this “Google for jobs” that will feature both entry level to service to high-end jobs. The aim of this is to help job hunters find opportunities that are best suited to their skills and knowledge.

How will “Google for Jobs” work?

The search engine will feature tools that allow the job hunter to filter out results by location, title, category, type or date posted. It will also show users information about how far their commute will be from their home on a daily basis.

The job search engine shall roll out in the US in a few weeks, and more countries will be able to experience this in the future.

Google assistant available to iPhone users

There’s great news for iPhone users because Google Assistant is now available for download, which could also spell the end for Apple’s Siri.  Apple’s virtual personal assistant software started a revolution, and with Apple’s rivals now offering a voice-controlled AI product it looks like Siri is no longer required.

The innovation works just like Siri, all you have to do is press on the mic and start typing in your questions, This can include asking to find your holiday photos or to call your Mum.

If you are fed up with the inaccuracy of Siri, there’s good news as you can now download Google Assistant for free.

Project Owl makes its debut

Google’s Project Owl was launched to get rid of fake news, and offensive content. The biggest Google update was with Google’s auto-complete function where the search engine suggests options to complete your query.

Google can now tell if someone types in the wrong in information with a tool that will tell the person or company “report inappropriate predictions”.

Google rolls out new event search feature on app & mobile web

Earlier this month Google announced that they are rolling out a new feature on apps and mobiles to make searching for events easier.

How is Google’s Project Owl making it easier to search for events?

The search engine users will now get a listing of activities pulled from Eventbrite Meetup and other sites across the web.

How does this work?

If you want to check this out, type in rock concerts in your areas on your mobile phone, and you will see lots of options such as the event date, time and location come up. All that remains is to pick an event that takes your fancy and look up more details or purchase your tickets from your phone.

What do you think of the new Google updates for this Spring? Comment below or join in the discussions on our social media pages.

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