How to use hashtags the right way!

How many of us tweet on a daily basis without using our hashtags the right way? You will be surprised by the amounts of people who add lots just because they look like they belong in your tweet.

There are 328 million users on Twitter and knowing how to use hashtags correctly on social media is vital if you want your twitter account to be found and achieve success.

Here are some important things to remember on how to use hashtags the right way:

Make sure that you are clear when choosing your hashtags

Focus on your specific theme, the clearer you are the more likely that your hashtag will be picked up by your targeted audience, which means more views and likes.

If you are a business and you don’t have a hashtag, create a couple of hashtags that fit your tweet. If your business is a digital marketing agency try to use keywords such as #SEO #PPC #Socialmedia and #blogging.

If you scroll over the hashtag and click on it to go to the page for that phrase you typed in.

Only use one hashtag for twitter 

Small Business did a study on Tweets and revealed that on Twitter, the best number of hashtags to use is one. Tweets with more than one hashtag see a decline in engagement, correlated to the number of hashtags used.

Many people go keyword mad and either use too many hashtags or in some cases none or not enough hashtags. So how many hashtags should we be putting into a post?

On a single twitter post, you should use no more than one hashtag. Yes, you may be lucky enough to stick lots keywords into your posts and gain followers, but to find the right kinds of followers you need to focus on your specific target audience, not people who just follow you for follows back.

Facebook and Instagram are different, and the study goes on to reveal that Facebook, posts that have one hashtag perform best. Instagram, posts with nine hashtags perform best.

Brand hashtags are the best when promoting new campaigns

One of the most successful Twitter campaigns was by Coca-Cola who created the #ShareaCoke campaign.

A couple of years ago the soft drinks giants produced bottle and cans that read out the phrase “Share a Coke With …. and each can feature a different name of the title. Such as “Share a Coke with Dad” or “Share a Coke with John”.

Coca-Cola was able to successfully turn this into a hashtag campaign by encouraging drinkers to Tweet their own stories with the keyword #ShareACoke. This campaign hasn’t just garnered hundreds of thousands of Tweets, but it has also given Coke the opportunity to create new sub-campaigns.

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