5 Excellent reasons to buy the Google Home Device


The Worlds largest company finally unveiled the new Google Home Device last week which is the first competitor to Amazon’s Alexa speakers.

What is Google home?

Google Home is a smart speaker just like it’s rival the Amazon Echo. However, it pulls together both home and audio visuals such as the Calendar, Contacts, and Play Music and you can search for all the information you need such as when and where you want it.

Here are five excellent reasons to buy the new Google Home Device instead of Amazon Alexa speakers:

1: Google Home can find songs you don’t know the name of

If you are listening to a song and you can’t remember the name of it, Google Assistant remembers your preference asking the device to play that new Foo Fighters song.

Google Home supports Chromecast and can act as an audio receiver for Google’s media player in just a few taps which means that you can use the speaker as a controller for all of your Chromecast devices which is a big plus for Google Home compared to its rival the Amazon Echo.

2: You can sync up music devices to play all around the house

Google Home has an advantage over its competitor for being able to connect with Chromecast audio so that you can open your Home up to a range of speakers.

You can also connect your lighting locks and other smart home amenities, and with new technology changes daily, you can guarantee that Google will add more innovative features to its new devices in the coming months.

3: The Google Home is smaller than the Amazon Echo

Google Home is half the size of the Amazon Echo, and many people say the device looks like an air freshener.

The Google Home also lights up in the panel when it hears the words “Hello Google”, and it responds to commands

Amazon Echo has a blue light ring at the top with a rotation ring with buttons that you can press to mute the listening mode. This doesn’t look as good as Google’s Home setup.

4: Six-month YouTube Red trial

Google Home buyers are treated to a bonus when they first set up their device they are given a six-month subscription to YouTube Red. YouTube Red offers advertising-free live streaming and background playback of videos on mobile devices through Google Play Music.

The Google Home currently supports Google Play Music, YouTube Red, Pandora and Spotify.

5: Customisable base

Unlike the Echo, Google Home’s standard grey fabric base featuring a rubber bottom can be transformed into a different material or colour. They are currently offering two types of bases; fabric or metallic and the metallic bases are made out of painted steel or polycarbonate and come in copper, snow or carbon colours. If you prefer fabric, you can choose from three colours including mango, marine and violet, or the standard white mesh.


Yes, Google still has a long way to go but we will have our eyes peeled to see which device comes out top between the Google Home and Amazon’s Echo in the long run.

Amazon may have had a head start over its rivals but, Google is the World’s largest search engine and is unlikely about to settle for second best.


Amazon set the price of their Echo at £149.99 with the Google Home slightly cheaper at £129.00 which is another bonus for the search engine giants.

Do you own an Amazon Echo or a Google Home device? What do you think of them? Are you considering buying one? Please comment below or join in the discussions on our social media pages.

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