Portable Mobile Phone Chargers for those Summer Festivals

With Summer on its way and music festivals approaching make sure you purchase a portable mobile phone charger so you can charge up your mobile phone when the battery dies.

When you are out in the fields in the middle of nowhere, and you lose sight of your friends some of you will rely on your mobile phone to get you out of this mess. However, what do you do when you wonder off and can’t find your way back to the tent or your friends, and you reach for your bag and pull out your mobile phone only to find that the battery is dead?

Thanks to portable chargers you no longer have to worry about this. Here are some devices that you can now buy to help you out when you run out of charge.

When you are looking for a portable charger, don’t just pick up the cheapest option in the hope that it will get you through festival weekend.  Check the power storage and the size; you don’t want to be walking around with a bulky item, only to find it lacks enough power to see you through the day.

Amazon Basics Portable Charger

If you are off to a festival this summer and are on a budget go to Amazon and type in “portable charger” and you will see that they have a basic charger you can purchase along with the big names.

This charger is light and can fit into your pocket or your bag without you having to carry around a bulky item. There are four indicator lights for the battery, indicating 25% to 100% capacity. One nice touch is that they flash when it dips below 10%, its time to charge your phone.

All you have to do to use it is plug it in and put in your bag or pocket.

Due to its smaller capacity, you will only likely get only one full charge for your smartphone. However, you can go for more power for an extra cost of  £23.99.

 RavPower RP-PB052 Ace Series

There are no frills about this device, despite having 1,900mAh more capacity than its sibling, this device is both shorter and narrower and a little bit thicker.

This portable charger has 3USB ports, with a combined 5.8A capacity.All the ports include “iSmart” technology all for just £24.99 on Amazon.

When the device was tested by Trusted Reviews they said it took just 30 minutes to charge up a Nexus 6p from Zero to 20%, and RavPower claims the PB052 will recharge an iPhone 6s nine times.


two charges to the Galaxy S7 (6,000mAh) and one full charge to an iPad mini 4 (5,124mAh).

DXPOWER ARMOR 10000mAh Power Bank External Battery Pack Waterproof Dustproof Shockproof Outdoor Emergency Portable Charger

This DPXPower is a personal favourite of mine, although it has 10000mAh power its also available in a smaller 6000mAh version for £15.99.

One of the reasons I like this because unlike some of the other power banks it’s shockproof, dustproof and protected in 1m of water for up to 30 minutes. Making this one of the best devices suitable for camping.

The power bank has a built-in flashlight, compass, this portable mobile charger is easy to carry, and you can charge your iPhone/iPad, Android smartphones, bike lights, GPS, MP3/MP4, cameras, and even your sports watch.

To protect this device from the weather make sure that the flap covers the ports. Otherwise, it won’t be protected.


[World Smallest 10000 mAh Portable Charger] Power Bank CHJGD® Premium Ultra-Compact Credit Size 10000mAh

The world’s smallest portable charger not only fits nicely into a small bag or your pocket will charge your iPhone and Galaxy S6 almost four times and your iPad Air once.

These portable chargers come in six different designs; The American Rose, The Bulldog design, Ferarri Design, Lambo Design, Marilyn Monroe Design and the Mosaic Design and you can purchase them from £24.99.

Do you own a portable mobile charger? If yes, please share your thoughts on our social media pages and if no, would you buy one? Yes/No and why?

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