Is the Illumi bowl all its lit up to be?

My first impression of this light up toilet gadget where that it was a little bit small and I did wonder whether it was it all is was lit up to be?

I was a little disappointed to see that the 3 AAA batteries required to help light this up weren’t included; however, nowadays most gadgets come without batteries. Luckily I found some rechargeable batteries kicking around in a drawer, so I ran upstairs to fit this beauty.

The instructions that came inside the packaging were pretty straight forward and easy to read with clear diagrams.

Illumi bowl design

This cool Illumi bowl comes in a small box, and I was lucky enough to receive one to review.  This design is a really simple design – a white plastic box with room for 3 AAA batteries, a round motion detector.

To fit this little beauty make sure that you lift the toilet seat and place the plastic white box on the outside of the toilet. Bend the illumi bowl arm over the toilet rim.

Remove the illumi bowl and bend the shape to a 90-degree angle.  Insert the batteries and slip the illumi bowl over the rim of the toilet with the light on the inner rim and the illumi bowl facing the bathroom entrance.

You need to press the button to set it to the colour you want; otherwise, the illumi bowl will keep rotating eight different colours.  Remember that this product won’t work unless its dark. When it detects movement, it will stay on for 2 minutes. If you turn on the light, the illumi bowl will stay off and save the batteries.

The colour-changing light is a 5mm LED capable of lasting 100,000 hours of use.

Benefits :

  • It’s also easy to clean, just wipe it with a damp cloth or cleaner.
  • No more tripping over in the dark
  • No more blinding lights
  • No more missing the toilet
  • It comes in 8 colours, so you can choose which one to set it to or you can leave it to rotate.
  • It’s easy to fit
  • It fits any toilet

This could have been made with section cups to fit on because the plastic arm is so bendable it could break off the toilet easily.

How much is the Illumi bowl gadget?

You can purchase an Illumi Bowl gadget from the website for $12.99 (£10.38).


This tech gadget is quite good and does exactly what it says in the instructions. It lights up the toilet bowl in the dark, without blinding me when I get up in the night to use the toilet. It’s not the sort of thing that everyone would rush out and buy, however, if you are a fan of gadgets or you have small children this little light could come on useful. I’m looking forward to what they have to offer next. Will they be adding music? With coloured flashing lights and Jacuzzi style baths available, We could soon be hosting discos in our bathrooms.

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