Why children should use tablets in the classroom

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Tablets in the Classroom

Many schools in the UK are giving out iPads to their students to help improve their education, and with technology a daily necessity in our everyday lives, this has allowed children to experience a more exciting way of learning.

Using tablets in schools has many advantages which outweigh the disadvantages. Here are some of the Pros on why classrooms should use tablets:

You can save money

By purchasing tablets for your school, you will save money because it means that you no longer have to replace those tatty old textbooks, provide workbooks or library books.  Tablets and learning apps aren’t cheap, but in the long run, you will save money.

Get down with the kids!

Most students are now using tablets and mobile devices from an early age, some even as young as two years old. Textbooks and now whiteboards are old hat and becoming a thing of the past. Even shops are going online. Love it or hate it there’s no way of escaping the technology zone, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

So, it’s best to get down with the kids by encouraging children to learn on a tablet will help improve their attention span and encourage children to be more tech savvy in today’s every changing tech world.

In an article in the Daily Express, a headteacher revealed that during a recent survey, a quarter of students at the school said that coding is now their favourite subject at school.


Tablets are perfect for students who lack motor skills because the touch screen allows them to watch their finger enabling them to write directly onto the screen.

An article on CNN said that a mother called Rosa who has a son with autism has said that using a tablet allows her son, now 13, to think visually, to interact with content directly without the cognitive hurdle of a mouse, and it breaks complex concepts up into more easily understandable chunks. Siri is even helping him with articulation.

The tablet has also given him more independence.Rosa’s son Leo used to have a hard time figuring out what to do with himself when someone didn’t structure his day for him. Now he can use the iPad on his own and have a good time independently. Rosa, like many parents, says she is careful about letting her son have too much screen time.

Prepare your students for their future 

Tablets and mobiles are here to stay, and technology is only getting bigger and better, so it’s important that schools help students and encourage them to embrace new technology.


These are just some of the reasons why children should use tablets in the classroom.

What are your thoughts on using tablets in the classroom? I would love to hear from both parents and students. Please comment below or join in the discussions on our social media channels.

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