5 Ways Podcasts can benefit bloggers


I’m considering doing regular podcasts, I was hoping to get my YouTube Vlogging channels up and running. However, several factors have delayed this idea.

Here are five excellent ways a podcast can benefit bloggers out there:

Podcasting is ideal if you are camera shy

If you are too shy to talk on camera, podcasting is a great way of getting your voice heard without having to worry about your appearance or camera work. Video isn’t for everyone and podcasting can give you an online presence that blogging alone can’t.

Podcasting is cheap and easy to use

Another great fact about podcasting in that podcasting is inexpensive and easy to do. Unlike making videos and writing where you need to pay for cameras, camera lens, tripods, etc. You can pick up an affordable USB microphone from Amazon that gives off a great sound. Podcasting is also ideal if you are a singer-songwriter who would like to show off their material online but aren’t yet confident in front of the camera or don’t yet have the knowledge or patience to edit and post a video. You can Download Audacity for free to edit your podcast.

Remember, you can’t just jump into recording and uploading. Just like video, you still have to create, produce and edit your show or song.

Podcasts can help you increase your blog readership

If you are looking to grow your traffic on your blog, adding a podcast into the mix can help you increase traffic. A post I found on Social Examiner backs up the fact that Pat Flynn, of The Smart Passive Income Blog, increase his blog traffic.

He said “Every week I’m getting emails from people who are telling me they found me through the podcast,” said Flynn, who noted that he saw an increase in website traffic as soon as he started to podcast.

“It’s hard to definitively tell [the traffic came from the podcast] since it’s audio so people can’t click a link,” he said. But Flynn is convinced that his traffic increased due to posting podcasts, and after a month of posting Flynn posted an update to his blog showing some impressive statistics.

It offers a different way of posting content to writing

It’s a well-known fact that writing and being in front of the camera isn’t for everyone, which is why some people would be better off podcasting. Yes like everything, Podcasting isn’t easy either, and it takes time and practice, but you don’t have to spend much time perfecting it. Just write down a few things you want to talk about and show your personality so listeners can relate to you.

If you write regular blog posts and post videos, why not try something different and take a break from your usual routine and give podcasting a shot at complimenting your blog content.

 Become a podcast star!

Just like YouTube Vloggers and Bloggers, there is no reason why you can’t become a Podcast star. OK, it’s rare, but just like radio DJ’s, if you are an expert in your field you can shine online as your listeners enjoy the added benefits of hearing your voice and get a feel for your personality.

Are you familiar with podcasts? Let us know your thoughts about podcasting? Let us know in the comments section below or join in the discussions over on our social media channels.

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