Four brilliant Social Listening Tools for SEO and social media

Recently I’ve been doing using Social listening Tools to help me improve my SEO and increase my Social media followers.

Here are four brilliant social listening tools to help me when planning, writing and following people on social media:


I have recently been using Mention for a recent link building project because this social listening tool recommended to me by one of my clients.This social listening tool is ideal for monitoring the web and social media in real time. If you are an agency, it also allows you to share mentions with other team members and create tasks for each other.

You can purchase Mention from $29(£23.19 a month). A free 14-Day trial is provided, and no credit card is required.




I have been using the free version of Hootsuite for a few years, to help schedule my social media accounts and I’m now looking at the paid version to help save time on all of my accounts that I manage.

The best thing about this social listening tool is that Hootsuite measures audiences on different social media platforms so you can engage with them on Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest.

Although it doesn’t have a brand mention feature its ideal for tracking your data by location, gender and language for some details insights on analytics.

Hootsuite offers a free plan, with the paid option starting from £7.99 a month.


This free social listening tool is what I use to track the number of people following me on Twitter. The purpose of CrowdFire is to increase the number of followers, see who has unfollowed you and who hasn’t posted for a while.

The disadvantages are that you can no longer add your Instagram account and you can only add one Twitter account on the free version. However, there are paid versions ranging from $9.99(£8.00) to $199.99 (£160.13) monthly.


 Brand Watch

Brand Watch is expensive; however, it allows companies to access unlimited data and is the best social listening tool for larger businesses to invest in.

There are many benefits to be gained from using Brand Watch including real-time listening across all social media platforms, email alerts that notify you when there are significant changes within your data. You can also monitor and keep track of customer complaints and controversial campaigns.

This social Listening tool has three separate pricing options available.



I will personally invest in Hootsuite because I need a Social Listening Tool that can help me schedule my social media accounts and save me time.

If I need to use a tool for brand mentions, I use Mention because I can use the free version and it gives me all the data that I want in real time without having to pay. This tool also helps me find brand influencers and competitors.

Do you use any of the social listening tools above? If so let us know or if not, which tool would you use? Please let us know in the comments below or join in the discussions on our social media pages.

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