Giving my blog a Spring Clean – Here’s how and why!

I’m getting a little bit frustrated with my blog at the moment because I don’t feel that it’s getting as many page views as I’d hoped and this is why I’m giving my blog a spring clean.

I started this blog in June 2016, and although I have had some good feedback about the content and mixed feedback on the theme and design I have decided to persevere with this, for now, and I’ve been looking at managing my time more effectively, gaining new subscribers to my blog and monetizing it.

Here is a daily spring cleaning plan and here is how and why?

I don’t feel that I have made the most of my time and find that I lose hours just wondering around on the internet and waiting for that million dollar opportunity to just float across into my inbox. The only emails that find their way into my box of treasure that offer freebies and lots of money are the usually scams that offer you money if you give your account details or offer you a free item if you fill out lots of surveys.


8 am – 8.30

I currently have 30 minutes of work a day, downloading LinkedIn Data and re-uploading it to Google Drive.  I start my day doing this, before embarking on my new daily routine.


I check my Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts and email and reply to new messages.

9am- 9.30am

Comment on at least 10 – 20 blogs a day (spend 30 minutes a day)

Open up a new Excel spreadsheet and split the columns into three groups.

Group 1: Blogs where you respond to every post

Group 2: Weekly

Group 3 – Monthly

Join their email lists and compliment the blogger by talking about how their articles have helped you. Start with a question?

Make sure you give something back to the blogger such as sharing the blogger’s post of your social media.

If you want to make, some blogging friends try to send your favourite bloggers a personal email occasionally and schedule a 20-30 Skype call with them. You can interview them for your blog, and they will gain coverage and a link.

9.30am – 10.30am

Spend 30 minutes per day on social media reading and sharing blog posts

Google +


30 minutes on Twitter alone

Follow people who are active and share your interests for example if you have a music blog, follow music instruments, magazines and brands. Delete people who haven’t posted for 30 days or more, people who aren’t following you back or if they are posting spam messages. I will use a tool called Crowdfire and let you know if it works in blog post review.

Check these hashtags daily  – #bloggerrequired #bloggerrequest “looking for UK bloggers.”

  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

10.30am – 11.30am Spend 1 hour a day looking for paid work opportunities.

11.30 – 2.00pm

Research, Write and edit at least one blog post and add it to social media channels

5pm – 7pm or 8pm

I like to watch YouTube at teatime and into the evening because many of my favourite YouTubers upload in the evenings.

Shaw Academy Advanced Social Media – Tues and Thurs 7 pm -8.30pm

Other  things  I need to fit in:

  • Google Analytics revision
  • Google Adwords revision
  • Tests for PPC
  • Affiliate marketing reading and revision
  • Housework – Hovering, Ironing, washing and sorting airing cupboard
  • Guitar playing
  • Exercise
  • Taking photos and filming

 Monthly Jobs

Print out from Google Analytics:

  • Total unique visitors
  • Totals visitors from the top 10
  • Sources of traffic
  • Average visitor duration
  • Bounce rate
  • Where people click

I have started a spreadsheet in Excel, and I’m starting to add the statistics mentioned above into the spreadsheet along with my social media stats. Each month I will go through the spreadsheet and look at where I can improve on my statistics.







These are things that I would like to achieve during my Spring Clean next month:

  • Increase Instagram followers by 100
  • Instagram at least once every other day
  • Gain some blog subscribers
  • Make money from blogging
  • Write four guest posts( two for each blog)
  • Add affiliate ads – Sort out Amazon and Shaw Academy Affiliate ads on digital blog
  • Have a blog spring clean and clear out old irrelevant posts or update them
  • Add internal links, check image descriptions and add keywords to at least 20 posts
  • Research SEO and Social Media for blogs
  • What are your thoughts on the above blog spring clean? Comment below or join in/ start a conversation on one of our social media channels.
  • Add some videos
  • Increase Facebook and Twitter followers – This sounds easy, but it’s getting harder. Organic traffic on Facebook is dying out, and there appears to be something strange going on with Have you noticed how you get a stream of new followers and hit a target and then lots of people suddenly unfollow you without reason?
  • Work on Pinterest – I’m not sure if this will work for my two blogs, but you never know unless you give it a try!
  • Check out a Twitter tool – I think I will seriously have to invest in a schedule upload tool because I have too many accounts and not enough time in the day, so I’m unsure whether to upgrade my Hootsuite or go with another tool like TweetDeck or Social Oomph.

Are you giving your blog a Spring clean? Let me know what you think in the comments below or join in or start a conversation on Digital Classics social media accounts.

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