Reviewing the Philips SHB3165 Wireless Headphones

On Black Friday in 2015, I purchased Pair of Philips SHB3165 wireless headphones for under £30 because I wanted to try them with my iPod.

I was initially looking at Beats by Dre headphones; however, after seeing these Philips wireless headphones in the Black Friday sale on the Argos website reduced from £99 to £29, you can’t go wrong. If they were good, then I would have got a real bargain, and if they were bad at least, I would only be £30 out of pocket.

Having used my apple headphones that came free with the iPod, iPhone and iPad, I wanted wireless ones because running and moving around with wired headphones on can be a real pain and I didn’t think that I would use them enough to justify buying Beats for £100 plus.


10 metre Bluetooth


Soft cushioned earpieces


Good battery life


Headphones are adjustable





There is no plug, so you can only charge them with the USB.


The headband could do with some padding to make wearing them for a long time for comfortable.


Music slows down when battery is low
The Bluetooth is not as reliable when the battery is low



Battery life

You can enjoy up to 11 hours of play with these headphones. This makes them great companions to travel with even on long-haul flights.


If you like the sound of these awesome wireless headphones, that’s great to hear because you can still purchase them from Amazon for £49.49. Both the design and sound quality are good although they could be better. I like the freedom you have with wireless headphones, and these are the first pair of wireless headphones that I have owned. I like the fact that I can put my iPod in my pocket and wear the headphones or listen to music on my laptop or tablet while dancing around the lounge thanks to the beauty of having a 10-metre wireless range. They aren’t as good as Beats. However, Beats cost a lot more money compared to these stylish Philips SHB3165 wireless headphones.

If you are on a lower budget, I suggest giving these Bluetooth beauties a whirl because they are great value for the money.


I’m giving these Philips SHB3165 Wireless headphones a rating of 4 out of 5 because although the headphones come with a USB lead, there is no plug.


If you own a pair of Philips wireless headphones comment below or let us know your thoughts on these on our social media channels. Why not let us know about your favourite headphones? Do you use wired or wireless?

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Reviewing the Philips SHB3165 Wireless Headphones
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