Why are Nylon string guitars great?

I  took up playing nylon string guitars when  I received my first guitar which was a three-quarter size nylon string guitar from my parents on my 4th birthday.

Since then I also received a Hohner Nylon string guitar for my 16th birthday which I used to gain my GCSE in Music.

Here are some reasons why Iove my nylon string guitars and why I think they are great:

Nylon strings are softer than steel strings

Many newbie guitarists buy nylon string guitars because starting off playing on steel strings hurts your fingers and you are more likely to end up with blisters on the tops of your fingers. Nylon strings are softer and don’t hurt your fingers when playing for the first time. I started off playing on nylon string guitars and didn’t play on steel string guitars until I was 11 years-old.When playing on steel string guitars for a long time, my fingers feel like they are on fire.

They sound great

Nylon guitars are known for their classical tone. However, this isn’t always the case.They are also ideal for playing country, folk and even rock. Country musician Wille Nelson plays a nylon string guitar.


Many of my idols use or have previously nylon string guitars

There are lots of famous musicians who have either played or are currently using a nylon string acoustic guitar to perform with. They include; country singer, Wille Nelson, George Harrison, Fugees singer, Lauren Hill, and the late great Leonard Cohen. Even the chorus of the Beatles track “And I lover Her” was played on a classical nylon string guitar by the late George Harrison.

Nylon string guitars are cheaper than steel acoustics

You can pick up a cheap nylon string classical guitar from music shops or your local supermarket or Argos from under £40. You can even purchase a smaller classical guitar for the kids.

If  You think nylon string guitars are great? Maybe you don’t agree with this article? Please feel free to comment below or join in the discussions on our social media channels.

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