5 reasons why you should purchase the new FitBit Alta HR

In 2016 Fitbit unveiled the FitBit Alta which was a slimmer version of the previous Fitbit Charge, now the tech wearable favourites have launched a new FitBit Alta HR which will be on sale early next month.

Here are 5 reasons why you should purchase the new FitBit Alta HR:

1: The FitBit Alta HR measures your heart rate

The best thing about the HR devices is that you can measure your heart rate measurements throughout the day. The FitBit Alta HR will also measure the calories you gain, maintain and lose and measure how hard your heart is working during workouts.

2: The Alta HR charge lasts longer

There’s nothing worse than having a battery that doesn’t last long. The Alta HR should last for around seven days on a single charge, which is a slight improvement over the original. The previous version has a battery life of up to 5 days.

3: Sleep tracking improvements

One of the things I love most about the Fitbit Flex that I own is the sleep tracking feature. For those of you who own the newer devices like the Alta HR, the Blaze or the Charge 2, you’ll soon get Sleep Stages tracking that gauges the quality of your rest.

The new Alta motion and heart rate data help determine how much light and deep sleep you get during the night. I was surprised to find that although I am in bed for 7-8 hours, my deep sleep is often only 3- 5 hours a night.

According to FitBit, this is the kind of information that previously required visiting a sleep lab.

4: The FitBit Alta HR has a new chip

FitBit has said that they had to develop a new chip to fit inside the new slinky slim device. Although the new Alta looks like its predecessor, you can see that it’s had a makeover, featuring a new and improved sensor.

5: How much will the FitBit Alta HR cost me?

The good news is that the new FitBit Alta HR will set you back $150 (£122.60) which is just over £20 more expensive than its predecessor the FitBit Alta which is £99.99. Surely the new upgrades are worth the price increase?

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