What should every newbie YouTuber know?

I recently made a start on my Youtube channel on my quest to become a Vlogger. However, I came across a few issues which is why I’m writing this post on what every newbie YouTuber should know when starting a Vlog.

Here are some of the key things that every newbie YouTuber should know:

Make sure you film in landscape if using your phone or tablet

I made the mistake of shooting my first video in portrait mode on my iPhone 5S. Instead of being patient and re-filming, I uploaded the video to YouTube after editing, and I was so pleased with my effort that I totally overlooked the thick black lines that appeared down each side. I was upset that I only received 20 views and a thumbs down, so I took the video down and decided to re-film it after watching some YouTube how-to videos.

You need to get used to editing software

I got this part right, although some people may disagree but they say practice makes perfect right? One of the reasons I invested in a MacBook Pro was because I heard that editing photos and video is easier on a Mac than a PC.

I considered purchasing Adobe or Final Cut Pro X, but Adobe cost £120 a year, and that’s with the discount that they are currently offering and Final Cut Pro will set me back around £299.99.

I have downloaded the iMovie app which I can use for free on my Mac, iPad and my iPhone, even the paid version of iMovie is £14.99.

It’s been a while since I have done any filming or editing so I’m a bit rusty with new software and the software I used to use is a little out of date.

Invest in some decent lights for indoor photography

I jumped straight in all enthusiastic and re-filmed my video, only to notice that the video came out dark. My dad said he has some lights so I’m going to see what they are like and if not, I will need to invest in some.

Always tidy your workplace and background

I’m not the tidiest when it comes to having a clear desk, due to lack of space in my office. Having watched a YouTuber explain why it’s important to have a clear background, clear of clutter. I’m going to make an effort to do this. Clutter distracts people and takes the attention away from what I’m trying to promote.

Feel free to comment on what you use for Vlogging in the comments below or visit my social media channels to discuss this subject.

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