Eddie Cochran – The Memorial Album

I’ve wanted to purchase The Eddie Cochran Memorial Album for a while now and finally bought it a few weeks ago after the price decreased from £23.00 to £13.00 on Amazon.

Just before his death in April 1960 Liberty Records released the second Eddie Cochran album, 12 Of His Biggest Hits.

His previous only studio album Singin to my baby was released in 1957.

Eddie, along with his best friend Gene Vincent and girlfriend Sharon Sheeley, were looking forward to flying back home to the US for a well-earned break after touring in the UK.

Less than two weeks after release, the fifties Rock N Roll star was killed in a road crash while travelling through Wiltshire, on his way back home to Heathrow airport.

The tragedy prompted the record company to recall the album.

Less than a month later, the album was issued with the same catalogue number but with a new title and cover as The Eddie Cochran Memorial Album.

Eight of the tracks were released as singles, including the chart-topper three Steps to Heaven, Summertime Blues, Somethin Else and C’mon Everybody.

It wasn’t until 1987 that Eddie Cochran was inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

For this limited edition, a further two bonus tracks have been added.

The American star was just 21 years of age when he was taken from the world. He was up there with the likes of Buddy Holly and Gene Vincent and was said to have been bigger than Elvis had he lived longer.

Cochran played the guitar and bass guitar and was one of the only artists who didn’t want to play with a full backup band. His sound was produced by him and his bass player Connie Smith. He also loved to improvise the sound of drums by tapping on shoe boxes.

Today music by legends such as Buddy Holly, Billy Fury, Ritchie Valens and Eddie Cochran remains timeless without these fifties stars there would have been no Beatles. John Lennon was an Elvis fan, and Paul McCartney is an Eddie Cochran fan. I’ve lost count over the Eddie Cochran covers which have been recorded since his death; popular covers include; The Sex Pistols, the Animals, Led Zepplin and the Beatles.

I’m pleased that I’ve purchased this album as it’s another great addition to the collection.

If you would like to buy this Eddie Cochran album or one of the others, you can buy this from Amazon for £14.00.


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