Five reasons why the Nokia 3310 should make a comeback?


This morning I found the Nokia 3310 trending on Twitter with rumours circulating about the popular early noughties mobile phone making a comeback.

Here are five reasons why the Nokia 3310 was great and why it should make a comeback:

The Nokia 3310 had a longer lasting battery

The phone batteries were better back in the 90s and early noughties, yet technology is supposed to be more advanced now! Why can’t they build phone batteries that last longer? My iPhone 5S only lasts a little longer than a day. I have lots of apps running, but you would expect a £250 + phone battery to last longer than a few hours. One of the best things about owning a Nokia mobile was that the battery lasted 260 hours of standby battery or 4.5 hours of talking battery.

The Nokia 3310 was virtually indestructible

You could drop the old Nokia and other old phones or tread on them, yet they were more versatile than today’s most expensive iPhones and Samsung phones. Lots of us have cracked or damaged our mobile phone screens at some point, which is why people are now taking out insurances for their mobile devices.

You could see your phone in the sunshine

One of the most annoying things about the new mobile phones is that you can’t see the screen when the sun is out.

If you were a Nokia 3310 owner, you had the pleasure of being able to play, text and make calls on your phone on sunny days without having to go into the shade or indoors to see your screen.

Remember those cool Nokia 3310 games?

Before Pokemon Go and Angry Birds, Nokia 3310 owners will remember the days when playing Snake, Bantumi and Space Impact. These games were very efficient, and you could play them using one hand.

Phones weren’t so expensive in the early noughties

Back in the day, mobile phones weren’t as expensive as they are now. Nokia made the most popular phones like the 3210 and the 3310.

In 1999, the year Nokia introduced the 3210, 35% of under 18s had a mobile phone for less than £70. By then the smaller Nokia 3310 was the latest thing.

For those of you who miss their Nokia 3310 or wish to purchase them, sim free phones refurbished phones are available from eBay for under £20.

If you owned a Nokia 3310, let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on our social media channels.

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