Reviewing my new portable turntable birthday present


Good evening peeps and welcome to my new vlogging channel. I’m going to be reviewing digital items on a weekly basis.

Today I’m reviewing the Akai briefcase style- a 3-speed portable turntable that I received as a present for my birthday last month.

This vinyl record player features built-in speakers, Bluetooth, MP3 and it has an RCA output.

The rechargeable record player offers up to 3 hours of listening to your favourite tunes.

The Bluetooth connectivity enables the turntable to connect to any Bluetooth device, so you can, connect your iPad, iPod or your mobile phone to the record player and stream your favourite music wirelessly while you’re away from home at the touch of a button.

Do you have different size vinyl records? No problem, this retro beauty plays 33s, 45s and 78 rpm and features a switch for your chosen size.

The sound quality is excellent for the price and the size. Making this portable turntable the ideal present for travellers as it folds away into a briefcase and isn’t heavy to carry.

Why did I want a record player?

I’ve wanted a record player since I first saw these on sale in HMV. As a child, I used to listen to cassettes and records. Recently, I have been feeling a little bit nostalgic, and I’m listening to a lot of the Everly Brothers, Johnny Cash and Eddie Cochran. What better way to listen to 1950’s and 1960s music than going back to basics and reaching for that vinyl and a record player?

There’s something exciting about receiving that album cover and the artwork which can’t be replicated on CD covers.

4/5 ****

I have given the Akai briefcase style- 3-speed portable turntable four stars, because it’s a great player for under £50. The only thing that is a little bit annoying is the fact that it doesn’t have a USB port which will allow you to transfer your music to an MP3 player or an iPod and you have to be careful not to break the plastic inside the case because it’s a little bit temperamental.

Do you own an Akai briefcase style portable turntable? Or another model? Let us know your experiences in the comments below or join in the discussion on our social media channels.

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