4 of the most popular tech gadgets on Kickstarter

Entrepreneur’s can watch their dream projects become a reality here are five of the most popular tech gadgets on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter is an online platform where creators can host their projects and ask the community to back them financially.

The project creator sets a financial goal, and if the community decides to help fund this project, entrepreneurs can watch their product get made into a reality.

The SELFLY – The smart, flying, phone case camera

What is a SELFLY?
This innovative new tech gadget is an autonomous flying camera which doubles as a phone case.

With Selfly you can unclip it from your phone when you want to use it and set it in the air and watch it fly by itself. You can watch it hover autonomously in the air and control its setting by the app on your phone.

Its mechanism enables it to fold into a 9mm thin phone case that will fit comfortably in your pocket so that you can keep it with you while on the go.

This project has already reached its goal of $224,913 out of the $125,00 needed to make this dream of a SELFLY tech gadget turn into a reality.
This is expected to retail at $149 and will be available for iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy 7, Galaxy 7 Edge, Nexus 6 and there is a universal phone case for all 4-6 inch mobile phones.

NOLO VR: Play Steam VR Games on your Smartphones

The Nolo VR is the world’s very first front-facing scale motion tracking system that is compatible with mobile and Steam VR game play.

How does the Nolo VR work on mobile?

All you have to do is place the base station on a desk or table, fix the headset marker on your headset and place your Android phone into the headset.

Lastly, connect the headset marker and mobile phone with the USB cable provided and start enjoying the simulator.

The Nolo VR will be on sale for $99 and includes a 6 DoF motion tracking system, Front-facing Room Scale. Low Latency, Android compatible and is created for Mobile VR Headsets.

If you like the sound of this Nolo VR, it has reached its pledged goal of $50,000 with 36 days to go and will be on sale soon.

The World’s strongest Cross-device Magnetic cable

Everyone uses a charger, whether it’s to connect your phone or another device which is why it’s important to have a strong, well-made charger.

If you are fed up of constantly replacing or taping your tired cables, why not help bring Volta into the world?

The Volta charger is now the world’s strongest charger made from an 18k gold-plated copper core plug and a 24 AWG copper wires which guarantee a lightening faster charge than other chargers.

It also features 18K gold-plated needles which deliver a quicker and more stable current to the device.

Volta features cross-device compatibility so you can power your mobile phone with a micro-USB for Android or a lightning port for Apple.

This Kickstarter tech gadget has reached its target of AU $10,000, so keep your eyes peeled.

Intelligent Security – Camera Cover – webcam privacy cover

ISCC IS the world’s thinnest and most ergonomic webcam privacy cover, designed for people who like to have security when browsing and working on their laptops, mobile phones and tablets.

This popular Kickstarter tech gadget is 8% thinner than a credit card at 0.7mm and doesn’t damage or prevent your laptops from closing perfectly.

If you want to purchase one of these, the ISCC has already reached its goal with 28 days to go.

Let us know your thoughts of these modern tech gadgets on Kickstarter? Will you be standing by your computer to order any of these the moment they come out on sale? Comment below or share your thoughts on our social media channels.

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