This Twitter method guarantees you more followers!

Would you like to learn a quick Twitter method about how to increase your followers?
I have recently received a few emails from a company who are looking to help businesses gain new Twitter followers; they were offering me a free 72-hour trial or 1 month free if I sign up at $49 per month.
The man on the phone told me that I could try the method by myself; all I needed to do was follow 200 people over three days from my competitor’s Twitter account, set an automatic Twitter message to new followers and if they don’t follow me back within that time, I can delete them.
Why start on Twitter?
I decided to start on Twitter as I have found this platform to be quite popular with my target audience. As soon as I have a following of 1000+ on Twitter, I will continue with the other social networking platforms, and I will invest in a tool, possibly Hootsuite.

Does this Twitter method work?
I went ahead with a free trial for one of my websites and ended up gaining around 100 new twitter followers. I’m disappointed that this method hasn’t resulted in more people following. I was on around 850-860 followers, and I was getting frustrated because I was tweeting and communicating with my followers but I used a social media tracking tool which told me that I was losing around 20 followers daily and gaining around 15. I want to increase this to 1000 + so that I can become a brand advocate. I work for a digital agency on a freelance basis, and we work with people that have 1000 + Twitter followers, which means that my blog currently wouldn’t stand a chance of getting anywhere. Since the trial ended, I’ve been lingering between 950-969 twitter followers. I’m going to continue this method to see if it will work long term.
My Twitter test
After another discussion with the company, I decided to repeat this process on my second blog. I started this last Friday afternoon. I only had around 20 followers on that Twitter Account. I looked at a competitor and followed around 200 of their supporters. This account currently has 131 followers, and I still have two days left to see if the 72-hour trial actually works. I hope to also grow this blog to over 1000 subscribers at least by Easter.
Do you have a Twitter method for gaining more social media followers? Maybe you would like to share some successful or unsuccessful stories about this process? Why not share this on here or start a discussion on one of our social media platforms?
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