Why the iPod Nano still rocks

Does anyone still use their old iPod Nano? I still love this Apple device, and despite many people now using their mobile phones for listening to music, I think there are still plenty of benefits and uses for this little treasure.

Here are some of the reasons why I still think my iPod Nano rocks:

You can listen to music when your mobile phone has a low battery

People are replacing their iPods and cameras because they have them on their phone, while this may appear to be a good move. The more gadgets you use on your phone, the quicker the battery runs down. Most phones only last a day, and that’s just for calls and messages and maybe a bit of internet browsing. If you keep an iPod Nano in your bag or your pocket alongside your mobile phone, you don’t have to worry about running down your phone’s battery.


iPod Nano’s are ideal for runners

I’m hoping to start running again this year and what better way to kick-start my fitness regime than to listen to my iPod Nano with my wireless headphones. I will also invest in an Apple Nike and iPod Sensor to help track my runs. I have wanted one of these since I last ran in the summer of 2014, before my back injury.

You can plug iPod into your car

You no longer have to worry about lots of tapes or CD’s scattered in your vehicle. It’s much easier to use an iPod because they are smaller, lighter and takes up less space than having to drive around with tapes or CD’S and not being able to find the ones you want to play. You can purchase adapters that will fit into the cassette player and CD players.


Listen to the radio or podcasts on your iPod

If you are on a lunch break or travelling when your favourite podcast is on, or your favourite radio show is on. You don’t have to miss them because the iPod Nano gives you the option to listen to the radio and podcasts on the go.

You can watch videos or scroll through your favourite photos

You can even watch your favourite movie when travelling or scroll through your favourite photos to help cheer yourself up while travelling or on the go.

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