5 awesome reasons why electric cars are the best

With more people driving in the UK and with elderly people living and driving longer here are five awesome reasons why electric cars are the best.

Since 2013, the number of electric vehicles within the UK has increased significantly from 3,500 to a whopping 90,000. Many electric cars are used as company cars, in particular by the NHS and Government Authorities such as local councils and emergency services.

Electric cars are better for the environment

Electric cars are greener than gas fuelled cars, and they have no emissions which make them more environmentally friendly. They run on electricity power which is much cleaner for the environment.

You will save money
You will save money by recharging your car’s battery. Instead of filling up at a gas station and spending in an access of £40 a time. With prices of fuel higher than ever, you will no longer have to worry about your vehicle burning a hole in your pocket. Electricity also comes at a cost, but it’s cheaper than fuel.

Cheaper Maintenance with electric cars

One of the best things about electric cars in that they are low maintenance in comparison to petrol and diesel cars. With no oil to change and no gaskets to replace on the engine, this will save you lots of hassle and money.

An article on plugin suggests that electric vehicles benefit from not requiring oil changes or other maintenance costs for exhaust systems. Studies have shown that this represents a 35 percent decrease in cost over time.

You can charge electric cars up at home

Imagine never having to stop and go into a petrol station ever again? This could very well happen and will also save you money. You can charge your car up after a long day at work and be able to climb into a fully recharged car which will take you another 80-100 miles depending on the model you buy. All you have to do is pull up in your garage or driveway, and plug the car into the charging outlet.

Electric cars are quieter than petrol and diesel

Electric cars are quieter and smoother to drive compared to a lot of fuel based cars that are heavier and look outdated. They also accelerate a lot quicker and smoother, as soon as you step on the pedal, you can feel the car pull away immediately.

Do you own an electric car? Have you ever driven one or are thinking about buying one? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter @Digitalclassic.

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