How the Nintendo Switch compares to the Wii?

After watching Youtuber Casey Neistat’s YouTube video at the New York Nintendo Switch convention on Friday, I thought it would be interesting to make a comparison between the new Nintendo Switch and the old Nintendo Wii console.

I purchased my Nintendo Wii in October 2010, after being inspired to try out the Wii Fit board and get into shape. I had never played on a game console before let alone, purchased one.

Over the past few years, I have been thinking about buying a Microsoft X-Box One or a PS4 because, since the launch of the Wii U, Nintendo appears to have lost its place in the market with more games available on the X-Box and Playstation.

Since the Wii U console failed to take off back in 2012, Digital Classic takes a look at the similarities between the Nintendo Wii and the new Nintendo Switch.

Similarities between the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is portable, so you can either use it in the house or outside in the garden. This Console is released at the perfect time, just in time for Easter and Summer garden party entertainment. It even has a special dock which releases more power as well as a longer battery life than the Wii U.

The new Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch are also rumored to be easy to use, and you can have one in each hand while playing games. The portable also looks a lot slimmer than the Wii U GamePad, and we are also hoping that the battery life will be longer than its predecessor. The Wii U console is bulky and poorly designed.

Will Nintendo Switch have Super Mario games?

For those of you who want to upgrade your Nintendo Console to the Switch, there’s good news for Super Mario fans. A games list has already been released, and it includes the popular Mario Kart 8.

The Nintendo Switch will be on sale on March 3rd, and you can pre-order it from Amazon, Tesco, Argos and many online retailers for £279.99.

Have you ordered or tried out the new Nintendo Switch? Will you be ordering this or sticking to your X-Box or PlayStation? Comment below or Tweet @DigitalClassic.

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