Purchasing a portable hard drive from WD Elements

It’s not often I write about good customer service. However, I recently lost some of my work through a Ransomware virus and decided to invest in a portable hard drive from WD Elements.

Saving files on computers can accidently get deleted, hacked or if something happens to the machine you are using you could lose important work and find yourself starting again. Losing you valuable time and money, especially if you lose your clients work.

I was lucky enough only to lose a few things, however, some of which I lost was relevant certificates from courses. Many courses now charge for hard copies of certificates, so I copied the PDF’S and saved them, without feeling the need to back them up.

Previously I have backed up files on memory sticks, which I will continue to do as well as back them up to a hard drive.

Investing in a portable hard drive from WD elements can help to eliminate this problem and help you retrieve your files within seconds.

Alternatively, you can always shell out for iCloud or OneDrive, but purchasing an external portable hard drive is a more affordable option in the long run

This 2TB external storage hard drive was reduced on the WD Elements website from £74.99 to £54.99 which are cheap considering that the 1.5 TB I looked at was £44.99 plus postage. It worked out cheaper than Curry’s and less expensive to buy the 2TB than the 1.5TB.

Despite being shipped from Holland, WD Elements were quicker in shipping across the external hard drive and cheaper than purchasing this same product in the UK.

WD Elements sent out a dispatched email just hours after I made the order and within two days I’m plugging it into my PC to save my files. The item was well packaged, and I was surprised to see how small and light the external drives are. Unlike some companies, WD Elements included their contact details and a recipe.

My Dad has an external drive which is over five years old and is much bigger. Let’s say he doesn’t carry it around because it’s so big and bulky. This little black box fits perfectly into my laptop case and is light enough to carry around with me.

Less than a week later I have received an email offering me 20% off my next purchase. So far, I’m extremely pleased with this product and the customer service I received.

I will now, set aside a time once a week to put all my files onto the external hard drive, so if someone decides to try and ransom me or if my computers break down I have backups of all my work.

Let me know if you have any issues that have resulting in you losing work such as a computer issue or Ransomware? Tweet @DigitalClassic or comment below.

Everything written in this blog post is based on my personal experiences and is not part of any sponsored or paid advertising deal.

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