My Christmas dream guitar pedal board

The chances of me receiving my Christmas dream guitar pedal board this Christmas are less than me winning the lottery. Why am I writing this? Every girl can have a dream, can’t they?

I purchased my first guitar pedal almost 20 years ago after saving up to buy the Jim Dunlop Crybaby Wah pedal and a Peavey amp with money from my paper round.

I love playing the guitar, but I’m also interested in creating music sounds with pedals. I enjoy playing Nirvana covers and exploring how they used pedals in their music.

The Big Muff – Fuzz pedal

I’ve wanted to buy this for a while because I love the sound of this pedal. The Big Muff has increased in price by around £10 this year, and I was hoping for a Christmas bargain. I’m considering buying the smaller version of the pedal which is slightly cheaper at £62 when the Big Muff Pi NYC is priced at £69. I went into Project Music in Exeter a few months ago to buy one of these, but they never had any had any in stock, so I purchased the Pro Rat distortion pedal. Pink Floyd and the White Stripes also use the Big Muff Pi as one of their favourite pedals.

The Small Clone – Chorus pedal

This pedal was used on Nirvana’s Nevermind album on the song Come as you are. The Chorus pedal gives off a watery echo sound like two guitars are playing instead of one.The Small Clone is a remake of the pedal that Kurt Cobain used and is popular because of the late Nirvana front man. I tested the TC Chorus pedal and dialled it to make a similar sound to the Small clone. However, the TC pedal is £95 compared to £70 for the Small Clone. This pedal has gone up in price by quite a bit because the first time I looked at this pedal, it was £55.

The Electro Harmonix Polychorus

The Polychorus pedal is the most expensive pedals out of the ones of my Christmas dream guitar pedal board, and it costs £180. I want one of these because you can make all sorts of weird and wonderful sounds from this. This was used in Nirvana’s In Utero album on Heart-Shaped Box” (solo), “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter,” and “Scentless Apprentice.”

Hopefully this time next year I will be using the pedals mentioned above on my dream guitar pedal board instead of blogging about them.
If I received even one of my Christmas dream pedals, I would be so pleased. At my age, if you want something you have to get your partner to buy it (which I don’t have) or buy it yourself (which I can’t afford).

If you are a musician, please comment below or tweet me your dream Christmas guitar pedal board? If you receive a guitar pedal for Christmas, let us know @DigitalClassic.

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