Why you should optimise website landing pages

Most businesses should have already optimised their website landing pages in time for the Boxing Day sales.

If you haven’t, there is still time to put a personalised sale page together, and you still have time to put up a Christmas landing page as there are still a few shopping days left and people are rushing around for last minute gifts.

Until the UK started to participate in Black Friday, Boxing Day used to be the busiest shopping day of the year.

Here is why it’s important for businesses to optimise their landing pages:

Customers can experience an easier shopping experience

Having a personalised landing page on your website helps customers enjoy a better shopping experience because they land on a page and straight away can see what’s in the sale or what’s fashionable depending on the season. This time of year, customers are looking for Christmas gifts, and on Boxing Day they will be looking for sale items. Landing pages will take them straight to the page without them having to search through pages without Christmas gifts or sale items. Your customers will also stay on the page for longer, which maximises your chance of a sale.

Creating seasonal website landing pages will improve your SEO

If you use keywords in your landing page, this will help your SEO rank and the better-quality website pages you add to your site, the higher you are more likely to rank in the search engines

Boxing Day landing pages will get more attention
Have you optimised your landing pages for Christmas or Boxing Day? If not, it’s not too late; there are still a few Christmas shopping days left.

A well designed, interactive festive landing page will help you grab potential customer’s attention and will be more engaging than your regular site content.
Your sales will increase if you optimise your website landing page

Most importantly your website will gain more sales over the Christmas period.

Christmas and Boxing Day landing pages allow you to highlight stock items, so customers are more likely to buy more products. The more products they buy, the more sales your business will gain.
If you would like some help with future landing pages, get in touch with us here. Let us know what your favourite seasonal landing pages are? Comment below or tweet @DigitalClassic.

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