Best Christmas social media campaigns

With social media being part of our daily lives and the big day getting closer, lets’ check out some of the best Christmas social media campaigns created by some of the UK’S biggest brands.

Here are some of the best Christmas social media campaigns:

#DearTopshop, this Christmas I want…Pinterest contest!
Media: Pinterest
Year: 2013

Back in 2013, Topshop won clothing retailer of the year and created a Pinterest social media campaign that encouraged customers to design and submit inspirational boards for the festive season.

Topshop fans were asked to create a mood board dedicated to their perfect Christmas day, which could include; Dream presents, a tree of your choice or something you like about Christmas.

The campaign was created around its DearTopshop hashtag and then the board link is submitted to the store’s website. The best boards created won a £500 gift card to spend in store.

Christmas season is alive with Starbucks “Cup Magic” app
Media: Facebook, email, app
Year: 2011

Christmas sprung to life when Starbucks created the Starbucks Cup Magic. Customers are given the opportunity to download a mobile phone app and use it to design red cups, coffee bags and signage using Starbucks characters.

Customers could watch their holiday characters come alive in holidays scenes, such as a boy and his dog sledging down a hill or an ice skater twirling around on the ice rink. Customers could also send their family and friends gifts such as coupons for a free coffee. All the features in the App were also shared through the world’s largest social networking tool, Facebook.

Design your stocking with the help of McDonald’s UK
Media: Website, Facebook, Twitter
Year: 2014

Two years ago, McDonald’s launched Knitmas Greetings, which invited its customers to join in the festive fun by asking them to “spread some winter warmth” while creating virtual stockings.
Customers selected a top and lower trim of their choice for their stockings, stocking patterns and greetings and then they would share it on Facebook and Twitter.

Media: YouTube, Website,
 Year: 2014, 2015

Coca-Cola is one of the biggest brands in the world, so it’s not surprising to see them top of the tree when it comes to marketing and social media.

Last year the drinks company decided to bring back Santa Claus to front their #MakeSomeoneHappy campaign.

Santa is turning pages of a book on, “How to Make someone happy” and highlights pages of nice things people do like performing a magic trick while waiting to board a train. The ad highlights that happy moment of your life that deserves to be celebrated with a Coca-Cola.

This advert was aired in over 60 countries and asked viewers to join in the festivities and do something special to help bring joy to others. As a part of the campaign, Coca-Cola provided a list of suggestions, like smiling to a stranger. Coca-Cola also released limited edition holiday packaging featuring Santa Claus.

Coca-Cola didn’t stop there either; they went a step further by running their annual Coca-Cola holiday tour, where everyone was encouraged to take photos with Santa and the Coke truck in the background.

With businesses continuing to do extremely well on social media platforms during the Christmas period. Online campaigns are definitely a hit when it comes to free advertising.

What are your favourite Christmas social media campaigns? Have you or your company created a successful social media campaigns for your clients? Tweet @DigitalClassic and let us know.

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