My Top Christmas television adverts

Every year many people I know wait in anticipation for the Christmas television adverts to come out.

Some people love watching the John Lewis’s Christmas television adverts and others say they know it’s Christmas as soon as the Coca-cola advert comes on the TV with the bus that’s lit up and you hear the jingles from the bells and on comes the music to “Holidays are coming”. Then out comes the cold Coca Cola glass bottles. For me, that’s when you know Christmas is on its way.

Here are my favourite Christmas TV adverts:

The Coca Cola Advert

This advert returns to UK TV screens every November and has now been on our screens for 21 years. However, many viewers have voiced their opinions on social media networks about the Santa on the back of the truck, not winking at the end of the advert. Despite this, this advert still marks the beginning of the festive season.

The Penguin – John Lewis
Who remembers the heartbreaking tearful John Lewis Monty the penguin Christmas advert that helped sell thousands of penguins, despite their hefty £95 price tag?

2014 saw John Lewis’s profits hit gold with the introduction of Monty the Penguin themed merchandise to go with the pricey penguins.

The Penguin advert was also famous for its social media campaign featuring the globally trending hashtag #MontyThePenguin and the various social media accounts enhance the campaign; did you know you can follow Monty his girlfriend Mabel, and catch up on all the goss about her ex-boyfriend Marvin on Twitter?

The Beatles track Real Love was covered by Tom O Dell and made number one in the UK downloads chart.

John Lewis Christmas adverts are probably the most talked about before they even come out.

Unfortunately, this year’s Buster the boxer doesn’t quite measure up to the 2014 advert which was criticised for getting rid of Father Christmas by showing a father assembling a trampoline. However, it will be interesting to see a comparison of the sales from both campaigns.

Marks & Spencer

My favourite advert of 2016 is the Mrs Claus Saves Christmas. The story really brings back what Christmas is about. Christmas has become too commercialised over the past few years, and the whole religious meaning and Santa Claus meaning has taken a step backwards in terms of introducing Penguins and Boxer dogs as a ploy to sell more expensive cute soft toys. I think Marks and Spencer have created a Christmas advert that we would have expected from John Lewis.

The Sainsbury’s 2014 advert

Sainsbury’s cleverly recreated the Christmas day truce between the British and German soldiers to mark the 100th anniversary of the First World War.

The advert is described just as it happened in the letters and diaries from both sides. The starts off with the German Troops singing Silent Night, before the British start singing the same song in a nearby trench.

A young British soldier leaves his trench and greets his German rivals. Both sides soon begin to exchange happy stories, and a football match takes place before the armies before parting with Christmas gifts.

The German soldier walks back to his trench to discover that his gift from his British rival is a chocolate bar.

Sainsbury’s sold the chocolate bar in their stores for £1 with profits donated to The British Legion.

What are your favourite Christmas television adverts? Let us know by commenting below or tweet @DigitalClassic.

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