My Christmas dream guitar wishlist

Have you ever created a Christmas dream guitar wishlist? This is never going to happen since my mum has told me I have too many guitars and no one else is ever going to spend this amount of money on me.

Fender Jagstang special edition by Kurt Cobain

I’ve been looking for these special edition designed by Kurt Cobain Fender Jagstangs everywhere. They are a limited edition and even second hand they are quite expensive and priced from around £700 and there aren’t many around in the UK.

There was a gentleman from St Austell selling a red and white Fender Jagstang about 40 minutes away from my home for £450. I contacted him but was too late; it sold within 24 hours.

This guitar is number one of my Christmas dream guitar wishlist, but they don’t have many for sale in this country.

Gibson Les Paul Studio

I was hoping to have purchased a Gibson as part of my Christmas present to myself. I had a choice between a MacBook Pro and a Gibson. I decided to buy a MacBook Pro because I do so much work on a laptop that I desperately needed a backup machine. Apple Macs are also rumoured to be better laptops for editing videos as they are used by quite a few famous Vloggers. I’m going to be starting a new vlogging channel in the New Year. However, I won’t be giving up the quest for a red and white Gibson Les Paul. My 2017 Christmas dream will be playing my Gibson well enough to post a video to this blog. I also need more practice, so this incentive will give me something to aim for.

Fender Jaguar Kurt Cobain edition

I was privileged enough to test this guitar out thanks to the staff at Project Music in Exeter. I’ve wanted this guitar for years. I play a lot of Nirvana covers, and this guitar sounds exactly what I need to get the sound right.  However, if I can get enough money to raise anywhere near the price tag, it would be nothing short of a miracle. This Fender Jaguar model is currently priced at £1,266 in Gear4Music and many other music shops in the UK.

Gibson Acoustic Hummingbird

I have the Epiphone  EJ-200CE Electro Acoustic Guitar, which is similar to this model. I bought it for £299 a few years ago from Gear4music. I wanted a nice sounding steel string acoustic guitar because I have two nylon string guitars and a cheap £15 steel string acoustic from Asda. I love this guitar. However, I’m still dreaming of playing Gibson guitars and playing them well.

Fender Stratocaster made in the USA

Ever since I saw Mark Knopfler blast out his red and white Fender Stratocaster in the 1980s, I’ve dreamt of the day that I would own one of these. Fender Stratocasters aren’t that expensive(depending on the model you choose) they are priced at around the £800 mark. However, out of my Christmas dream guitar wishlist, this would be the final guitar I would love to add to my current collection. Until of course, another model comes out!

One day I hope to achieve my Christmas Guitar wishlist dream by owning all of the guitars on the list and also being able to play them well to my family and friends.

What is your dream guitar? Send your pictures to @DigitalClassic.

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