Christmas gifts for social media guru’s

If you know someone you know who is always tweeting, messaging on Facebook or Instagram, here are some unusual Christmas gifts for social media guru’s.

Hashtag marquee light

This office décor would look great hanging up on my office wall or leaning standing up on my desk. I have a lamp on my desk at the moment that makes a buzzing sound, and this hashtag would provide me with light and maybe get my creative juices flowing. Although the hashtag marquee lights are unique, they don’t come cheap. You can purchase them from Amazon for £295.

Twitter figurine

This Twitter figurine would make a great stocking filler gift and would make good company sat on the office desk. Use him as a reminder to post some daily quotes in his mouth as a reminder for you to tweet much more.

Instagram mug

Instagram mugs are a fantastic idea. You can even post a selfie onto the mug, as a reminder to your partner or family member. Everyone loves a caffeine fix, whether it’s tea, coffee or hot chocolate, buy this as a stocking filler and take it to work and enjoy filling it up. You can purchase Instagram mugs from Etsy.

Social media t-shirt

You can’t go wrong if you buy a social media t-shirt as a gift for social media guru’s. These t-shirts not only tell the world that you are a social media fan, but they also keep you warm in the winter if you wear them underneath a jumper or sweater and they keep you cool in the summer.




Silver Hashtag Necklaces

These silver hashtag necklaces make beautiful Christmas gifts for social media guru’s. You can have their name engraved next to the hash tags and the necklaces are real silver. You can purchase these from Amazon for £44.85.


Have you ever bought or received any personalised social media gifts? Comment below or post a picture to @DigitalClassic.

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