Christmas gift ideas for tech geeks

Have you started your Christmas shopping? If not, don’t worry because you still have time to get to the shops to look at Christmas gift ideas for the tech geeks in the family.

You will be surprised by the amount of weird and wonderful gadgets that you can buy. I have been into gadgets for a while now and I have picked out my favourite 5 gadget ideas

Here are a few Christmas gift ideas for tech geeks:



I really want a drone! Not just a cheap drone, one that has GPS tracking. I want a DJI Phantom Drone like the one that former YouTuber Casey Neistat tested. However, it’s quite expensive and costs nearly £450. I think this addition would be perfect for my Vlog because I will be able to film further out to sea with it and catch fantastic views.



I remember when Marty in Back to the Future was constantly skating around on a hoverboard and Casey Neistat doing the same. I’m not good when it comes to balancing, especially roller blading or ice skating. However, I would like to try. These hover boards are an ideal way to travel into town, which is about 2 miles from my home and it’s not very convenient to drive there because it’s either very busy in the summer months and its very hilly and the roads are narrow. This Razor Hovertrax would be a great gift for someone wanting to get fit in the New Year.

Juice Squash XL Power Bank 5600MAH

There’s nothing worse than being out and about and the dreaded battery low light flashes red. That could now be a thing of the past, thanks to portable power banks. The Juice Squash XL can literally save your life, because it’s a light and small and can charge up your phone in a flash without needing a plug or a laptop.

Immerse VR Glasses

Virtual reality was something that we would have dreamt about 30 years ago; however, that dream is now a reality. I haven’t yet tried on these Immerse VR Glasses, but I have heard quite a bit about them. These beauties allow you to step outside of reality and enter the world which lets your imagination run wild, by watching 3D movies and play games. All you have to do is place your mobile phone into the adjustable grip and put on the headset. You are no longer on that boring bus ride; you are now chasing bad guys or playing football. These make a great Christmas gifts for both the younger and older tech geeks and cost £14.99.

1960’S Vinyl Record Players

I’m a vinyl fan, so as soon as I found out that records were cool again and that retro record players were becoming fashionable again I been looking for records instead of CD’S. I even prefer records to CDs. You can buy them from most online, and offline shops and they are all a lot cheaper than modern alternatives like MP3 and iPods.Have you purchased any tech gifts? Is there something I have forgotten to mention? Comment below or tweet your images @DigitalClassic.

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