Christmas Mobile Phone apps you should download

Tis the season to be jolly! Make sure that you download the latest Christmas mobile phone apps.

Yes, Christmas songs on phones can be annoying, but this occasion only happens once a year and downloaded the app will encourage you to get into the spirit of things.

Here are some Christmas mobile phone apps that you should download for Apple and Android

Apple Christmas mobile phone apps for adults and children

The Christmas List

Christmas is a busy time, and many people can feel extremely anxious and overwhelmed. If you dread going into shops during the busy festive season, this free mobile app will help you get organised. This app has a featured list app with email support, address book integration, and room for you to add some notes for yourself. It also tracks your spending, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much. The best thing is that this app is password protected, so there’s little chance of the children or a loved one getting a sneaky preview of your gift ideas, unless they have your password.

Santa’s Christmas Village

Download this app free from Google Play or free from iTunes and invite the whole family to join in the fun and festivities. This mobile app named (Santa’s Village), includes more than 13 games with fun holiday themes. It’s got solitaire, checkers, hangman, minesweeper, and more. This app also features twenty Christmas songs which will keep the kid out of mischief throughout the holidays.

Norad tracks Santa available on Apple and Android

I have been watching the Santa tracker on my laptop for a couple of years. You can now download the app onto your mobile phone device and watch Santa’s progress on Christmas Eve. GPS tracks the location of Santa throughout the night. This app will be on my phone this Christmas, and I will be showing this to my niece and nephew. You can show the kids proof that Santa does exist!

Both apps are free on Google Play for Android and iTunes for iPhones.

Christmas Ringtones

My mum, dad, and sister have downloaded Christmas ringtones for free. The app Includes 56 Christmas ringtones! All you have to do is log into Google Play, type in Christmas Ringtones and click on the green button on the right-hand side of the page where it says install.

Have you downloaded any Christmas mobile apps? Tell is your favourite by commenting below or tweet @DigitalClassic.

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