2016 Christmas Gifts for Guitarists

Hohoho! It’s that time of year again, as a guitar player; I would like to know what popular 2016 Christmas gifts for guitarists are available.

Playing the guitar is an expensive hobby, but there are a lot of gifts out there that I never knew existed.

Here are a few gifts great for guitarists that I wouldn’t mind receiving:


A Magazine subscription to Guitarist or Guitar World

A magazine subscription to either Guitarist or Guitar World is the perfect choice for those who like a mixture of guitarist artist news, alongside lessons, album news, music videos, photos and reviews on guitars and equipment. You can get a 12-month print subscription of Guitarist Magazine for  £56 or a digital version for £27.

Logic Pro X software

My brother-in-law swears by this equipment and has used it to record his guitar tracks, during his music degree and still uses it. The Apple software is the most advanced version of Logic and can you can purchase it from the app store at £149.99.

Logic Pro X  is the best tool for songwriting, editing, and mixing and is built around a modern interface that’s designed to get creative results quickly and deliver more power whenever it’s needed.

Personalised guitar picks

One of the things that guitarists can’t do without are picks, and they are very easy to lose. I have lots of picks of all different sizes and have only recently started using them again. I personally prefer to pluck the guitar. However,  some songs, sound much better if you use a pick.

Personalised picks are a lovely idea for guitarists because it isn’t just another pick. Getting Personal sells silver engraved picks, which are much stronger than the plastic picks that go brittle and break, metal looks better and lasts longer. You can also Personalise your metal silver pick with a message in up to 45 characters.

An iTunes gift card

Are you unsure what to buy someone but you know that they own an iPod and that they enjoy listening to music? iTunes gift cards are great because you can purchase them online or in shops such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda. You can buy Apple iTune cards from £15 up to £100 so you can choose a gift where your loved ones can choose their own music.

Ultimate guitar app

I found this app by accident once when I was searching for chords for music to play by my favourite artists and when I clicked on show chords and lyrics the Ultimate Guitar app came up on my computer screen. I haven’t yet subscribed. However, you can subscribe and get a free trial before you purchase the app.

 1 month12 monthsLifetime
Local Access Web only£2.90£19.90£29.90
Full Access Web,  ios, Android£4.50£27.90Today only £29.90


A spare set of acoustic guitar strings

An extra set of string for my acoustic guitar always comes in handy, as strings can break so easily. Every guitarist would benefit from having an additional set of strings even professional guitarists. Especially, those who gig on a regular basis and many beginners also break a lot of strings when they first start playing the guitar.

Fender Custom Shop 4-Step Cleaning Pack (4 Pack)

Until recently, My Fender Stratocaster hadn’t been cleaned for the best part of 20 years. A premium guitar cleaner kit would be ideal for many guitarists including myself. I could do with this kit to clean up my other guitars. You can purchase a Fender Custom Shop 4-step cleaning pack from Amazon for just £15.75, or there are other cleaning kits available from £3 – £30.

What would you buy a guitarist? Are there any 2016 Christmas gifts for guitarists that you feel should have been on this list? Please comment below, email admin@digitalclassic.co.uk or send a tweet @digitalclassic.

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