Affordable ways to clean your vinyl records

If you are a vinyl fan who has dug out, those dusty LP’S these affordable ways to you clean your vinyl records will light up your day.

There’s no need to throw them away or go out and replace them because you can now purchase affordable vinyl record machine cleaners and washers.

Here are some affordable ways under £100, so you can clean up your vinyl records in a spin and start playing them again:


Using tap water and soap is the cheapest way to clean your vinyl records


Yes, that’s right you can clean your vinyl records by using just soap and water. This might sound a little crazy, but it works. Over time, residue and lime can get into the record grooves, and this isn’t good for the record or the sound.

Make sure the record is completely dry before putting it into the player or handle the record grooves otherwise you may damage the vinyl permanently.

Knosti Disco Antistat Record Cleaning Unit

£47.50 from Juno Records

What is it?

The Knosti Disco Antistat cleaning unit comes with a soft goat’s hair brush, one litre of cleaning fluid and a molded plastic trough which you put your records through.

How to use the vinyl record cleaning kit

Start by filling up your sink with warm water from the kettle and add some cleaning fluid to the knosti.

Layout your vinyls onto a clear table and make sure that you have a clean tea towel nearby. Tighten the central boss, insert the record and spin the record five times each way.

Remove the vinyl and carry on with the others.  Make sure you drain the record, so it’s completely dry before you play it and remember that this vinyl cleaner will only work for dusty and dirty record grooves, not scratched records. However, product reviewers have reported that the sound of that crackly vinyls has improved after using this machine.

What do others say?

Amazon reviewers who have purchased the machine have said that records that were previously unplayable due to the amount of dust and grime in between the record grooves are now as good as new thanks to the vinyl record cleaner Knosti Disco Antistat.

Spin Clean Vinyl Record Washer MKII Record Cleaning System

£74.95 from

The best thing about this record cleaner is that it removes dust, fingerprints, and static from your vinyl records.  There are cheaper ways to clean up your vinyl records, however, sometimes you only get what you pay for. Having looked at many options on how to clean up your vinyl records for this blog post, I would purchase this, because it has excellent reviews, it doesn’t cost a fortune, and it’s  quick and easy to use.

How does the Spin Clean Vinyl Record Washer MKII Record Cleaning System work?

The Spin Clean Vinyl Record Washer consists of a 4oz bottle of cleaning fluid, lint-free drying cloths, a pair of brushes, a pair of rollers and an instruction manual so there are no excuses for not being able to use this.

The brushes scrub both sides of the record simultaneously, and the rollers in the tank will keep your Vinyls safe from damage, and the fluid pulls dirt off the record So there’s no reason why your vinyl shouldn’t scrub up well.

What do others say?

This Vinyl record cleaner is also a GROUP TEST WINNER (Hi-Fi Choice Magazine September 2011).  Hi-Fi News is the oldest hi-fi magazine in the world. The magazine features 140 pages of the latest music reviews, in-depth features, and vintage celebrations.

You can be listening to your record’s within minutes of using this, all you need to do is fill the sink with cleaning fluid,  spin the record a few times and dry them with the Lint-free cloths provided. All that remains is to put your favourite vinyl record into your player and watch that needle drop.

If you have old vinyl records that need a cleanup, treat yourself or loved one to one of the cleaning machines I have mentioned above or try out the soap and water method.

Contact us with your suggestions or with other ways in which can clean up your vinyl records comment below and subscribe to my blog. You can also start up a discussion on a digital or musical topic of your choice on Twitter@DigitalClassic. Alternatively feel free to email

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