5 Things that caused the death of Vine


Social networking channel Twitter has announced the death of Vine.

The online video platform was supposed to be fighting for top spot with Instagram? But instead, four years later, Twitter announced that their video sharing app Vine is shutting down.

Vine founder, Rus Yusupov reacted to the news, appearing to express regret at having sold the business to Twitter quoting “Don’t sell you company!”

What is Vine?

Vine is short form video service where users can share six-second video clips.Twitter brought the social networking platform in October 2012, just before its official launch. Users’ videos are published through Vine’s social network and are shared on other services such as Facebook and Twitter.

When is Vine shutting down?

Twitter announced on Wednesday that it would be discontinuing its Vine app. However, the good news is that users can still view and download the app, but they will no longer be able to post.

What caused the death of Vine?

Here are five reasons why the video sharing app is shutting down:

1:  A decline in users

The numbers of Vine users have decreased since it was first introduced back in June 2012, with lots of its users abandoning the service and shifting their focus to other services like Facebook video, Instagram, and Snapchat. While Twitter has integrated, video sharing directly into its main mobile apps and experience it’s putting resources into live video with Periscope.

2: Lack of money?

The same day as Twitter announced the death of Vine it also revealed that the business was axing 350 employees, 9% of its workforce and is redirecting its focus from driving growth to delivering profits.

The popular social networking channel currently has a sinking share price and serious concerns about its long-term viability as a public company. The 4-year-old interactive app never stood a chance due to its declining in users. Shutting it down was the quickest way to remove the problem.

3: Twitter already had decided to develop Periscope

Has Twitter scraped its six second app to improve Periscope? It certainly looks that way.

What exactly is Periscope?

Periscope is a video streaming platform which is embedded in tweets. Periscope is owned by Twitter which means that it’s automatically linked to your account when you log in. Embedding Periscope works the same way as embedding a Tweet. Just copy and paste the URL  to a CMS or add a tweet to a page.

Twitter’s new video streaming app was launched last year as a news reporting app. One of the best things about Periscope is that it’s interactive, which means you can get people liking your video and asking you questions while you are live.

4: There are too many online video platforms?

US website eBizMBA conducted an online survey from search engines, Complete, Quantcast, and Vine came 10th out of 15 with estimated monthly visitors of 42,000,000, behind leaders YouTube who has an estimated 1,000,000,000 monthly visitors, Netflix, 150,000,000 monthly visitors, and Vimeo has 130,000,000 estimated monthly visits.

5: Maybe there isn’t a place in the market for Vine

With Snapchat working its way up on the popularity stakes this year, maybe Vine just didn’t serve a purpose anymore. Nothing lasts forever, and people have moved on from 6-second videos to longer videos about people’s lifestyles, people playing jokes and pranks on each other, how to videos to teaching people how to play guitar to how to paint walls.

The world has moved on since the six-second platform was first released and sadly, Twitter wasn’t unable to come up with any updates in the last four years.

Do you agree with the reasons that caused the death of Vine? If you disagree or would like to add other explanations, let me know? Have you ever used Vine yes or no? Why? Feel free to comment below or email admin@digitalclassic.co.uk. Join in the discussion on Twitter @digitalclassic

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