My first trip to Project Music in Exeter (Review)

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I’m currently living in Cornwall, so I’ve been waiting for a while to visit Project Music in Exeter as my brother-in-law is always raving on about them being good and stocking lots of beautiful guitars.

My favourite guitars are Fenders and Gibsons, and I visited the store in the hope of purchasing the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff pedal.

There aren’t many music stores in Cornwall with the main ones being Truro City Music and Modern Music, also in Truro, half an hours drive from where I’m living. These stores are fairly small, so I was hoping to go to a bigger store with a larger range of equipment.

The first impression on walking into the shop was that they sold a lot of well-known electric guitars like Fenders, Epiphones and Gretch guitars alongside some colourful, expensive PRS electric guitars which I have never seen or heard much about before this trip.

They had a good range of decent acoustic guitars as well. However, I never had the chance to try any out, maybe next time I will film the whole experience and Vlog about it.

When looking through the two glass cabinets for pedals, the choice wasn’t fantastic as they didn’t have any pedals on my wish list that I saw on their website. I was after the Electro Harmonix Big Muff PI Classic because I wanted to compare it to the reissue Little Muff Pi. However, I was disappointed to hear that they were not only out of both pedals they were also out of the other Electro Harmonix Chorus pedals that I wanted to try out and possibly purchase, the  Neo Clone, Small Clone, and Polychorus.

I asked the gentleman at the desk if he had any of those pedals in the back or if he had any alternative ideas for the Nirvana-style grunge sound I want to achieve. He pulled out the Pro Co Rat 2 distortion pedal that was used in Nirvana’s In Utero album and is used by other musical influences of mine like Graham Coxon from Blur.

TC Electronic pedals

The gentleman gave me a small green TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus. I had never seen one of these before, but once I tried it for sound, playing a Black Fender Standard Stratocaster HSH, Rosewood Fingerboard, through a BlackStar amplifier. We spend a good 10 minutes of so playing around with the settings on the pedal before dialing in on the exact sound that Kurt Cobain achieved in the song “Come as you are.”

I then asked to try out the Kurt Cobain Fender Jaguar, which has the exact sound I want, however with a price tag of £1,299 I’m not yet in a financial position to buy this beauty.  I’ve always wanted a red and white Gibson Les Paul guitar, so I’m hoping to buy one of these next, and after that, it’s a toss up between a Fender Jagstang or a Jaguar. I may even buy a Squire Mustang guitar and convert it so that it has Dimarzio distortion pickups and silver guitar push-pull pots. The reason for this is because Squire guitars are made by Fender and are a lot cheaper.


 RAT guitar pedal


Decision time

When it came to making that all important decision I decided to purchase the Pro Rat 2 because it has a punchy distortion kick, with a Planet Waves guitar lead, some Fender pedal cables, and a 9V power lead. I would have purchased the TC Chorus if I could afford it, as its a great small pedal and you can download sounds from the computer. Although I liked the TC Chorus pedal, I thought it was a little bit expensive, so I have decided to stick with the Electro Harmonix Small Clone at the moment because it’s cheaper and its a reissue of the original pedal that Kurt Cobain used on Nirvana’s album “Nevermind.”

Would I shop in Exeter’s project music again?

The staff were friendly, and the prices were ok, however, some of the items are slightly cheaper online. One of the advantages of going into a shop to buy music equipment is that you can try things out before purchasing. I would like to see them stock more of a guitar range like Gibson guitars and a wider range of pedals.  I was disappointed with the lack of guitar pedals in store.

Why not share your good and bad experiences of music shops near you? Maybe you can recommend a guitar or pedal I can try out on the blog? If you would like me to visit and review your products or store, Email or tweet @DigitalClassic with your suggestions. If you would

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