Five reasons why every blogger needs a content plan

Every blogger needs a content plan? What’s written without thought, is read without interest and as a new blogger, it’s not something I want to think about.

Blogging is becoming more and more popular and with more of us creating content it’s vital that we produce original content that is of interest to our target audience. There wouldn’t be much point in blogging at all if you are writing just for the sake of it and you have no or little interest in what you are writing about. Blogging takes time and effort, and every blogger wants their content to be viewed, shared and liked. This way, both the reader and writer can enjoy the benefits of great unique content.

Like all bloggers, I want to write good quality unique content and from what I’m hearing from my tutor and fellow bloggers on the Blogging and Content online course with Shaw Academy, to produce high quality original content you need to research and plan your resources.

Here are five fantastic reasons why every blogger needs a content plan:

The more proactive you are, the more clients you are likely to attract

I find that the best articles are the ones that are planned. Don’t get me wrong some unplanned article are really good and writing when unplanned can work well, however, the best content is the content that contains visuals and videos that are accurate and engaging. How many athletes go into a competition without preparation? This is the same with writing.

Having a content plans increase productivity

Content planners enhance your productivity. The more you plan things out, the more you will get done and this is essential, especially if like me you are a freelancer. We all want to get things done quickly and effectively. Don’t forget to plan breaks! Many people fail to do this and will find themselves becoming sluggish and sleepy towards the end of the day. Yes, we all need to work, however, the best way to work is to pace yourself by using a detailed content planner, and taking regular breaks will increase productivity.

Go out and get some fresh air or for a short walk, I have started doing this myself and find more refreshed afterwards. There’s no point in spending 12 hours at the computer and by lunchtime finding yourself drifting off to sleep and making mistakes you wouldn’t usually make or being too tired to complete your tasks. Once you have gone to the trouble of filling in a content planner, make sure that you stick to the plan and stay consistent. Consistency is essential for bloggers. If you try it and it doesn’t work for you, change it.


Content schedule

Content plans will help you publish blog posts regularly and on time

As a newbie blogger and a freelance writer, I can’t afford to miss my blogging deadlines because it will look unprofessional. It’s important that you publish your blog posts regularly and on time. I post my content on Monday afternoons and use Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + to market it.

Readers want consistency, for example, if you tell a customer that you are going to deliver something by Monday evening, I like to make sure they have it by Monday morning in case something goes wrong or the internet goes down. Planning this in a content plan or diary helps me achieve this.

 Gives you time to revise and update

If you are trying to rush your blog post out there, the chances are that you probably haven’t bothered to edit your content. If you can’t be bothered to spend time on your content, why would others bother to read it? Having a content plan, allows you to schedule time for research, sourcing or taking photos or video, editing them and editing your content.

I usually ask someone to proof read my blog posts before they go live. I want to give my readers the impression that I am someone who cares about what I post and being a newbie to blogging, I want my audience to trust want I read, subscribe to my site and like, share and comment on my blog posts.

Blue stress ball

Decreases stress

Creating a content plan decreases stress and we all know that stress is bad for your physical and mental health. Planning your time efficiently, doesn’t only help you get things done quicker, it also makes you feel quite happy and not stressed out. I personally use a daily list and I’m currently working on a content planner that suits my needs. I find that being more organised helps me keep track of what has been done and what still needs to be completed. Without my list, I find everything gets chaotic and I can’t control things.

There are plenty of free content plans online. You can find examples of free content plans on a number of websites like Hubspot, Moz or the Content Marketing Institute. If you can’t find a content plan to suit your needs, the websites above give advice on how you can make your own content calendar.

Are there any bloggers who would like to share their tips on how they plan their content? Do you use a content calendar or planner that you would recommend? Join in the discussion on my social media channels or feel free to comment.

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